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Sailaab (सैलाब) 1956

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BannerEmaar Films International
DirectorGuru Dutt
ProducerMukul Roy
Orginal musicMukul Roy
CinematographyAjoy Kar
Film EditingY.G. Chauhan
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersGeetha dutt
Ram Singh
Geeta Bali
Smriti Biswas
Bipin Gupta
Abhi Bhattacharya
Young, handsome and happy-go-lucky Gautam was the only son of Mr. & Mrs. Sinha. . Careless, indocile and oblivious of lifes responsiblities Gautam was a problem-child for Mr. Sinha. . Mr.Sinha was much disturbed when he received a wire from his estate Manager in Assam that there was a stir-up among the plantaion workers and his presence was needed there immediately. Mr.Sinha thought that this was an opportunity to try Gautam. When Gautam came Mr.Sinha assigned this responsible job to him. Gautam set out on his assignment by plane. . While in flight the plane deceloped some engine trouble and made a forced landing in a stranged forest tract. The impact was made with a terrific bump, but there were no fatal casualties. But Gautam lost his memory due to a sudden knock on his head. He sank unconscious. . In that strange jungle he met Kanchan a rustic belle whose unsophisti- cated beautiful was at the white-heat of youth. But her life was to be a dedication to God according to the conventions of the rustic locale. Gautam fell in love with her, and by and large his attentions were reciprocated by Kanchan, inspite of the welling conflict in her mind that she was a forbidden fruit as a human female. Gautam took an oath never to leave Kanchan, & gave her his ringg as a token of his love. . Gautams father Mr. Sinha came in that village in search of his son and was shocked with Gautams amnesia. However Gautam was taken away without his knowing it. . Back home, he could not recognise anybody not even his dying mother. When his mother showed him a photograph as a last effort, which resulted in the revival of his memory priour to the accident. But, when his memory came back, his mother was no more, and what was more he had forgotten all about Kanchan. . Unable to bear the burden of a long separation and the canker of anxious waitlng, Knachan came to the city and found Gautam, who, to her utter surprise refused to recognise her Disappointed, frustrated and broken hearted with an overbearing hatred for the cult of men growing in her mind she went back to her native dwelling deciding to atone for her sins and then re-dedicated to God. She left with a menial in the house, the ring which Gautam a faint remembrance of his relationship with Kanchan. The servant of the house told him all about that happened Gautam remembered everything. With shame and guilt gripping him, he set out for Assam to bring back Kanchan
Release Date1956
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics:Shailendra | Music:Mukul Roy

1. Yeh Rut Yeh Raat Jawan | यह रुत यह रात जवान     
Voice: Geetha dutt

2. Hai Yeh Duniya Kaunsi.... | है यह दुनिया कौनसी....     
Voice: Geetha dutt

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