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MCA (ఎం సి ఏ) 2017

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DirectorBoyapati Srinu
ProducerM.Ravindar Reddy
Music DirectorDevi Sri Prasad
CinematographyRishi Punjabi
Filim EditingKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameraman
Playback SingersSooraj Santhosh, Prudhvi Chandra, M.M.Manasi, Hema Chandra, Saravana Bhargavi, Swetha Mohan, Deepak, Kailash Kher, Mamta Sharma, Sagar
GaganBellamkonda Sreenivas
JanakiRakul Preet Singh
FalguniPragya Jaiswal
Ashwadh Narayana VarmaJagapathi Babu
ChakravarthySarath Kumar
Central MinisterSuman
Arun PawarTarun Arora
SatyamChalapathi Rao
Arun Pawar's brotherSravan
InspectorG. V. Sudhakar Naidu
Veerendra VarmaShashank
Aswith Narayana's sisterVani Viswanath
Aswith Narayana's wifeSithara
Sweety's friendDhanya Balakrishna
ManasaEster Noronha
Sweety (Rakul Preet Singh) is a college going student. When an eve teaser, the son of the Central Minister (Suman) bothers her, he gets beaten up by a co-student Gagan (Bellamkonda Sreenivas), his father Chakravarthy (Sarath Kumar) & his brother Pruthvi (Nandu[disambiguation needed]). The Central Minister then makes it a point to take Gagan and his family down. Gagan, his father & brother are best friends and liquor buddies. They do everything from drinking alcohol to eating roadside foods and beating up wrongdoers in society. Sweety starts getting attracted to Gagan and they start to hang out and she gets to know about his family. She comes to Gagan's house and makes a change in their lifestyle for their own sake for which Chakravarthy happily agrees for. In the meantime, Sweety learns about Gagan brother's love failure and ends up reconciling with the would-be bride's parents and the marriage is conducted in a grand manner. Chakravarthy upon seeing the happiness and joy in the atmosphere at the wedding realizes that Sweety is the reason behind everything and asks Gagan to always be by her side and if he is not by her side one day, then Chakravarthy and his family as good as dead.

In a parallel track, the CM attends the engagement of a very rich and ruthless businessman Aswith Narayana Varma's (Jagapathi Babu) daughter. The would-be groom, however, finds a video of Aswith Narayana's daughter romancing and kissing another guy she liked before the engagement. The groom shows Aswith Narayana and tells him about this. The next morning, the breaking news on TV, it's revealed that Aswith Narayana has intentionally killed the groom in fear of his pride being destroyed. Aswith Narayana says the thing he cares about the most in the world in his pride and he will go to any extent to preserve it. He leaves a gun on the table and his daughter picks it up and shoots herself. Aswith Narayana and his company plan to build a highway that will make his company the most successful company in all of Asia but Aswith Narayana's son (Shashank) reveals that the project has competition in the form of the biggest liquor don in North India, Arun Pawar (Tarun Arora). Pawar is supported by his 2 brothers and has bought off all of Aswith Narayana's close associates and subordinates except for his lawyer (Jayaprakash). Pawar threatens the lawyer stating that if he doesn't agree to his terms, that his daughter should get married to his youngest brother otherwise he will kill her. The lawyer agrees out of fear. Aswith Narayana however, retaliates and sends his son to kill Pawar's brother and breaks up the back and puts him in a critical condition. Now Pawar then decides to hit back.

Sweety realizes that she's truly in love with Gagan and expresses her feelings towards him. Gagan is delighted and Sweety takes him to her house to meet her father (Jayaprakash) where he insults him after realizing his lifestyle and the reputation that Chakravarthy has in society, then proceeds to insult Sweety. Enraged, Gagan gives Sweety's father a warning but Sweety who cares for her father's life more than anything sends Gagan away and tells him to never come back. Heartbroken, Gagan drives and tries to forget Sweety but is unable to and gets into a car accident. Fearing for his life, Chakravarthy and his uncle send him away with known relatives in Vizag. Faluguni (Pragya Jaiswal) arrives at the airport and picks Gagan up and Gagan realizes her lifestyle is young, wild, and free. Falguni, however, has no interest in Gagan romantically. While driving back after a party on the beach. Gagan witnesses a family being attacked. He decides to save them and they turn out to be Varma's family and Pawar's brother has been sent to finish them off. Aswith Narayana's family pleads Gagan to save them and their daughter in law. Gagan fights off some of Pawar's men and saves the daughter-in-law and she happens to be none other than Sweety. Shocked, Gagan is then shot 4 times and is left for dead. The doctors end up saving him and then the flashback is revealed by Varma's wife.

After breaking Pawar's brothers back, Aswith Narayana then met Sweety's father, they decide to get Aswith Narayana's son married with Sweety. At the wedding as Aswith Narayana's son is about to tie the knot, he is shot and killed and Pawar's men come and kidnap everyone to kill them. Since Aswith Narayana's son died at the hands of Pawar, Sweety's father has no choice, but to let her daughter away from the Narayana family. However, Aswith Narayana's sister (Vani Viswanath) phones her brother and tells him that they need Sweety, since she's almost married to his son, and decided to adopt Sweety as their daughter-in-law. Since her would-be husband is dead, Sweety becomes a poor widow with no family emotions. Gagan then vows to protect Sweety until he dies and will solve all her problems. Aswith Narayana's sister comes and says the family must perform a pooja at the Hamsala Deevi river area. She sees Gagan and says he can't come along. Aswith Narayana's sister, in reality, has cut a deal with Pawar to get Sweety and leave her family alone, Pawar agrees. As Aswith and the rest of his family perform the pooja, they attacked by Pawar's men. As they are about to attack Sweety, Gagan emerges from the water along with his father & brother and kills everyone. He takes Sweety along with him and Aswith Narayana feels his pride has once again been damaged. Then the central minister enrages both Aswith Narayana and Pawar on Gagan.So, they both joins hands with each other in eliminating Gagan once and for all.

And in the attack, Gagan's father & brother are seriously injured and Aswith Narayana kidnaps Sweety. Gagan then lugs his dying brother and father to where Sweety is being kept and kills everyone but Aswith Narayana. Finally, Gagan says ASwith lost his pride a long time ago, listening to this Aswith Narayana shoots himself and dies. Chakravarthy decides to get Gagan married to Sweety and asks what name she would like on the wedding card. Sweety says Janaki and the whole family says Jaya Janaki Nayaka and the film ends on a happy note.
Release Date11-August-17
Budget ₹ 20 Crores
Revenue ₹ 70 Crores

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