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Prasthanam (ప్రస్థానం) 2010

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DirectorDeva Katta
WriterDeva Katta
ProducerRavi Vallabhneni
Orginal musicMahesh Shankar
CinematographyShyam Dutt
Film EditingDharmendra Kakarala
Art DirectorRajeev Nair
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersRahul Nambiyar, Niranjanaiah Katta, Soumya Sharma, Karthik, Kalyani, Prasanna, Deepu, Narayanan
ChinnaSundeep Kishan
LoknathSai Kumar
Ruby Parihar
GoliVennela Kishore
Bangaru NaiduJaya Prakash Reddy
MotherPavithra Lokesh
NadiaRashmi Gautam
SisterSurekha Vani
Mangampeta Basi ReddyJeeva
M. Balaiah
Ravi Prakash
Master Pavan Sriram
Loknath (Sai Kumar) takes over the reins of rural political power from a dying man, Dasaradha Rama Naidu (Balayya). On his death bed, Dasaradha Rama Naidu requests Loknath to marry his widowed daughter-in-law whose husband was murdered by rival political group. Loknath complies. His stepson is Mitra (Sharwanand) and his own son is Chinna (Sundeep Kishan). While Mitra is a devoted and loving son to Loknath, his step daughter has always hated him for marrying their mother and severs ties with them. Loknath wants to see Mitra as his heir because Mitra is a thinking man whereas Chinna is hot-blooded guy with bad life style. Chinna develops loathing towards Mitra because he receives lesser attention than Mitra from his father and is constantly discouraged by his father from entering politics. Mitra's sister's sister-in-law is the love interest of Mitra. Chinna gets upset on learning that Mitra is the new youth president of the party. That night, he gets high on drugs and sodomizes Basha's daughter. Mitra wants to punish Chinna for the act he has done. Chinna tries to get Mitra killed in a movie theater, but Mitra escapes. Chinna then kills Mitra's sister and her husband.Now there is twist in tale, Loknath sacrifices his political goodwill in protecting his own son. By doing so he and Mitra are forced to confront each other and Loknath gets Mitra beaten up when Mitra chases after Chinna to avenge his sister. Mitra leaves the house and moves to his old home in the village. Loknath orders both Mitra and Basha to be killed. Basha saves Mitra from the goons and tells him a terrible secret from of Loknath's past. Loknath had actually killed Mitra's biological father, who was merely injured in the fight with the political rivals.Mitra confronts Loknath with this secret and tells him that no amount of reading puranas (ancient religious texts) will absolve him of his heinous deed. Loknath then says " Go beyond the puranas; there are no villains and heroes in this world,there are only ordinary people doing small mistakes to fulfill their goals". Loknath then tries to kill Basha, when Mitra snatches the gun from him. Loknath tells Mitra to kill him; Mitra falls down on Loknath's feet and says that Loknath is the only father he has ever known and even if his biological father had lived, Mitra would not loved him as much as Loknath. With this, Mitra and Basha leave.The film ends with Loknath shooting himself.
Release date16-April-2010
Budgect₹ 3.5 crores

Nandi Awards:

Best Feature Film (Bronze) - Prasthanam
Best Supporting Actor - Sai Kumar

Filmfare Awards:

Best Supporting Actor (Telugu) - Sai Kumar
Best critic film - Deva Katta

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