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Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam (కొంచెం ఇష్టం కొంచెం కష్టం) 2009

koncham ishtam koncham kashtam 2009

Show details

BannerSri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions
DirectorP. Kishore Kumar
WriterP. Kishore Kumar
ProducerNallamalupu Srinivas
Music DirectorEhsaan Noorani, Mani Sharma, Shankar Mahadevan
CinematographyVijay C. Chakravarthy,
Film EditingA. Sreekar Prasad
Art DirectorChinna
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersClinton Cerejo, Hemachandra , Raman Mahadevan , Shilpa Rao , Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Ghoshal,Mahalakshmi Iyer, Sonu Nigam, P. Unnikrishnan, Kirthi Sagathia, Sadhana Sargam
Siddharth (Siddu)Siddharth
PeddanaiduVaibhav Talwar
PrakashPrakash Raj
RajyalakshmiRamya Krishna
Gachibowli DiwakarBrahmanandam
BangaramVenu Madhav
Special AppearanceRaju Sundaram
Th story is set in the backdrop of a village where Geeta (Tamannaah) grows under the shade of her doting father Subramaniam (Nasser) who takes care of everything for her and she is equally attached to him. She comes to Hyderabad for her further studies and stays at her uncle Gachibowli Diwakar's (Brahmanandam) house. There, her cousin Swathi (Karuna) has a group of friends and one among them is the happy and playful Siddharth, or Siddhu (Siddharth).

Siddhu is a big Casanova among girls and though he always has a smile on his face, there is a sad past as his mother Rajyalakshmi (Ramya Krishna) is living separately from his father Prakash (Prakash Rai).

Actually, both of Siddhu's parents had a love marriage. Eventually, both Siddhu and Geeta fall in love and the time comes for Siddhu to ask Geeta's hand in marriage. Subramaniam says that if Siddhu can unite his parents and get them together, he would be willing to accept the proposal.

From then on start the efforts and trials of both Siddhu and Geetha to get Prakash and Rajyalakshmi together. One night, when Prakash is driving Siddhu to his mother's home, they talk about when his parents separated. His father understands his feelings and what he's trying to say, and his father answers "that he couldn't have done anything,his mother just left him." To this Siddhu answers, "No, you should have gone after her. You should have never let her go." Even after this talk with Prakash, Geeta and Siddhu have lots of failures, but eventually Siddhu unites his parents together and Geeta's father, Subramaniam, also unites the other lovers, Geeta and Siddhu.
Release date5-February-2009
CineMAA Awards

Won - CineMAA Award for Best Comedian - Brahmanandam
Won - CineMAA Award for Best Debut Director - Kishore Kumar

57th Filmfare Awards South

Won - Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress - Telugu - Ramya Krishnan
Nominated - Filmfare Best Music Director Award (Telugu)
Nominated - Filmfare Best Film Award (Telugu)

Nandi Awards

Won - Nandi Award for Akkineni Award for best home-viewing feature film
Won - Nandi Award for Best Female Comedian - Hema
Won - Nandi Award for Best Screenplay Writer - Vikram Sirikonda & Deepak Raj

Mirchi Music Awards (Telugu)

Won - Mirchi Music Awards Critic Awards (Album)
Won - Mirchi Music Awards Critic Awards (Song) - "Anandama"

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