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Phuleswari (ফুলেশ্বরী) 1974

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BannerRadharani Pictures
DirectorTarun Majumdar
Orginal music Hemanta Mukherjee
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers
CharacterActor / Actress
Potential groom's fatherPrashanta Kumar Banerjee
FuleswariSandhya Roy
Samit Bhanja
Lily Chakravarty
Molina Devi
Utpal Dutt
Rabi Ghosh
Anup Kumar
Haridhan Mukherjee
Chinmoy Roy
Another Tarun Majumdar classic. Fuleshwari is the story of a village belle Fuleshwari & Brindaban a simpleton who arrives at Fuleshwari's village as the local train signal man. Fuleshwari is a naughty young girl who stays with her elder brother Abhiram (Anup Kumar) an engine driver & Padma (Lili Chakraborty ) his wife & Fuleshwari's sister in law. There is also Keshta ( Master Jamidar) who is her nephew. They are small but well knit happy family. Abhiram loves his sister more than anything else. Lots of proposals come for Fuleshwari's marriage but Fuleshwari with her plans & pranks puts off all of them. Herein comes the new gate man Brindaban (Samit Bhanja). Fuleshwari, Kesta & specially Abiram develop a fantastic bond with the newcomer. Brindaban is talented lyricist & a singer. He composes song which mersmerise everyone. He even defeats the professional musical group at the local Jamindar's house by singing a scintillating number. With a heart of gold he ultimately becomes Fuleshwari's great ally & ultimately her love. But the impatient & emotional Fuleshwari turns out Brindaban from their home when she comes to know about the " train stoppage plan" which was planned & executed by Abiram ,Saheb (Tarun kumar) & Brindaban himself to highlight Brindaban at the eyes of Fuleshwari. Fuleshwari becomes so raged with anger & despair that she asks Padma to fix their marriage with Padma's brother Kanai (Chinmoy). A rejected & dejected Brindaban applies for a transfer since he too plans to leave the village. But when Abhiram brings a garland made by Brindaban & his poem book & gift those to her, Fuleshwari realize her blunder & realizes what a mess he has made for Brindaban. Padma argues with Fuleshwari telling her to forget everything else & go for winning back her love. Fuleshwari speeds up & finally gets hold of Abhiram at the local railway station platform & the estranged lovers finally re unite. A typical happy ending of a well executed tale of romance by Tarun Majumdar.
Release date1974
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Music: Hemanta Mukherjee

1. Shuno Shuno Mohashoi 1 | শুনো শুনো মহাশয়     

2. Shuno Shuno Mohashoi 2 | শুনো শুনো মহাশয়     

3. Ami Tomai Boro | আমি তোমায় বড়     

4. Hai Hai Hai Hai | হাই হাই হাই হাই     

5. Hyade Go Podmorani | হ্যাদে গ পদ্মরানি     

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