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Phantom (फानटम) 2015

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BannerNadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
DirectorKabir Khan
WriterKabir Khan, Kausar Munir
ProducerSajid Nadiadwala, Siddharth Roy Kapur
Music DirectorPritam Chakraborty
CinematographyAseem Mishra
Film EditingAarif Sheik
Art DirectorCaroline Bailey, Sapna Chandra, Paul McCulloch, George Morris, Parijat Poddar, Kailash Sahu
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSyed Asrar Shah, Arijit Singh, Shahid Mallya, Nakash Aziz, Akhtar Channal
Character Actor/Actress
Daniyal KhanSaif Ali Khan
Nawaz MistryKatrina Kaif
R.A.W. Chief RoySabyasachi Chakraborty
Raw Agent AlokRajesh Tailang
TBAElyas Ahmad
Passerby / Cricket SpectatorFarah Ahmed
Court ClerkBrandi Alexander
Cricket SpectatorMohammed Ali
Cricket SpectatorManoj Anand
Cricket SpectatorJane Clark Anderson
PolicemanDarren Andrichuk
Mother in DangerClaire Ashton
Ravi Aujla
Passerby, Cricket SpectatorRaj Awasti
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub
Spectator at Cricket MatchHayley Joanne Bacon
CommuterElla Banks
Cricket SpectatorHelen Banks
CommuterRichard Banks
Cricket SpectatorMaria Barr
Cricket SpectatorLaura Bernardeschi
Cricket SpectatorKishore Bhatt
Cricket fanPaul Blackwell
Cricket SpectatorSteve Brunton
Cricket UmpireRay Burnet
Cricket SpectatorTindy C. Chaggar
PasserbyMichael Chapman
ISI AgentPawan Chopra
Cricket spectatorPamela Betsy Cooper
Mr. DilairAmerjit Deu
Prison GuardRevard Dufresne
Cricket SpectatorJohn Duggan
Cricket spectatorDavid Fennessy
GuestSanjana G.sandhu
Noor Mohammad (Pakistani Commando)Anoop Gautam
CommuterLesley Gill
Running Pedestrian at Explosion / Cricket SpectatorTaj Gill
Cricket SpectatorClaire Greasley
ShahzadSumit Gulati
Cricket SpectatorJohn W.G. Harley
Cricket VIP 1Lee Nicholas Harris
Cricket SpectatorNoni Harrison
Cricket SpectatorMichael Haydon
David Coleman HeadleyJ. Brandon Hill
Cricket SpectatorSharan Hunjan
Running Pedestrian at Explosion / Cricket SpectatorSharif Islam
WaiterAlex Jaep
AsiaKinjal Jain
Cricket SpectatorMarilyn May James
Cricket SpectatorMariola Jaworska
Falling Pedestrian at ExplosionAmrita Jazzmyn
Prison GuardDevielle Johnson
Cricket SpectatorAbdul Hakim Joy
Cricket SpectatorMinouche Kaftel
Cricket UmpireRajesh Kalhan
PedestrianAneta Kamysz
Sohaila Kapoor
Joelle ( Cafe' Cutomer )Joelle Koissi
Pakistani MinisterKaizaad Kotwal
Cricket SpectatorDimple Kumar
Prison GuardPaul Lazenby
London ReporterAnjali McQueen
Cricket SpectatorShivam Modessa
MotherMahabanoo Mody-Kotwal
Cricket SpectatorFayaz Nathalia
Masked manThomas Newman
Cricket SpectatorShaun Newnham
Cricket SpectatorGuy Normas
Ashraf AliTushar Pandey
Running Pedestrian at ExposionSanjev Parma
Cricket SpectatorBinti Patel
Running Pedestrian at Explosion / Cricket SpectatorSimi Rai
Christy ShawAllison Riley
Cricket SpectatorRuby Ruffles
Cricket SpectatorAnil Sanchania
Sajid MeedMir Sarwar
Cricket SpectatorRobert Scott
BusinessmanAaron Sequerah
Cricket spectatorAmrita Sharma
Cricket SpectatorAtul Sharma
PedestrianVinita Sharma
Cricket SpectatorAmanda Smith
HaiderDenzil Smith
Cricket SpectatorJune Smith
ShopkeeperNeeraj Sood
Cricket SpectatorRanu Soor
Englishman in blazerPeter Stanford
Cricket SpectatorCarole Symonds
Cricket SpectatorFaith Tarby
CommuterSteve Taylor
Cricket MatchSupporterFrancesco Tribuzio
Running Pedestrian at Explosion / Cricket SpectatorMiroslav Zaruba
Caffe customer / Cricket spectatorTatiana Zarubova
Supporting Artist (uncredited)Tomasz Dabrowski
Prisoner (uncredited)Matthew Hoglie
Phantom begins with a car chase in Chicago, which leads to a scuffle between a man ostensibly named Jude Rosario (Saif Ali Khan) and an American male known as Matthew Broody. The scuffle ends with Matthew Broody falling into the icy waters of a river, and apparently dying. This results in Jude being arrested and convicted for murder.

A flashback of 6 months ago takes us to the office of the Indian R.A.W. chief Roy (Sabyasachi Chakrabarty), where he and his trusted men (Rajesh Tailang, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub) plan a daring covert operation.

The man known as Jude Rosario in the opening sequence is shown to be Captain Daniyal Khan, a dead-end ex-soldier with a completely deadened sense of life and death is pulled out of oblivion and pressed into service by the spy agency to wreak vengeance on the men who planned the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. He agrees on the reassurance that he will be reinstated in the Indian army to the same rank from which he was court-martialled, which means regaining the respect of his estranged father. His only team member, Nawaz Mistry (Katrina Kaif) helps him find his first target-Sajid Mir (Mir Sarwar) at a cricket match.On determining his identity after breaking into his house Daniyal rigs up an explosion which makes the headlines.

Coming back to the present, Daniyal aka Jude has landed in the same jail as David Headley (J.Brandon Hill). Here he contacts Nawaz, in order to acquire 100 dollars so he can buy batteries, which hold a certain poison that kills you almost immediately upon hitting the tongue, which is also an undetectable form of murder, which will come out as a heart attack. After killing David Headley, Matthew Broody who supposedly died upon falling in the icy river is found alive and Daniyal, who is using the alias of Jude Rosario in jail, is released as his earlier sentence is rendered null and void. Then, he and Nawaz make a plan of going to Pakistan, where they take down the last 2 perpetrators, Sahabuddin Umvi and Haaris Saeed (Shahnawaaz Pradhan). In Pakistan, they make plans of killing Haaris Saeed with the help of local restaurant owner Khalid (Midat Sahab) by an explosive planted in the mic during his speech. Its here the famous number Afghan Jalebi is shot. Though, when this plan fails, Daniyal pursues him in the car and shoots him in the head, causing an explosion. Now, with the Pakistani army and I.S.I pursuing them, they try and escape. Yet, there accomplices get shot. Now, they take a boat to escape through water, but the Pakistani military find out and send patrol boats to apprehend all water vehicles and search them for Nawaz and Daniyal. They both hide in the water but the Pakistani Military suspect that they are hiding in the water and shoot at it. Daniyal gets shot while shielding Nawaz from their bullets and eventually succumbs to his injuries in Pakistani waters, leaving a heartbroken Nawaz to be rescued by the Indian Navy. She is dropped by the Indian Navy to the Taj and she has 2 cups of tea, one for herself and one for Daniyal, fulfilling a promise made to him.
Release Date28-August-2015
Budget₹50 crore (US$7.4 million)
Revenue₹63.24 crore (US$9.4 million)

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