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Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju (మళ్ళీ మళ్ళీ ఇది రాని రోజు) 2015

Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju_2015

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BannerCreative Commercials
DirectorKranthi Madhav
WriterKranthi Madhav
ProducerK. A. Vallabha
Music DirectorGopi Sunder
CinematographyV. S. Gnana Sekhar
Film EditingKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersKarthik, Chinmayi, K. S. Chitra, Hiranmayi, Priya Hemesh, Haricharan
Character Actor/Actress
Raja RamSharvanand
Pavithra Lokesh
NaziraNithya Menon
MehakTejaswi Madivada
ParvathiPunarnavi Bhupalam
Pavani Reddy
This movie is a simple, romantic, heart touching love story starring Sharwanand (as Raja Ram) and Nithya Menen (as Nazeera). The movie starts with Ram's introduction as a successful runner. His daughter, Parvati who works in FM Radio is introduced . Ram, then starts narrating his past story. The movie shifts to Ram's youth , where his aim was to become a successful runner. His mother Parvati (which he has put for his daughter also) is a music teacher who earns money for Ram's education. She wanted him to bring a national medal in running competition.

Raja Ram continues his studies and wins state athletics championship after a few days , where he meets Nazeera who starts caring about him .She always wore burqa covering her face with niqab, so Ram never sees her face. Nazeera has a friend, Jyothi who is always with her. Nazeera joins Parvati's music class and introduces herself as Khanum. Ram is honored for winning in state athletics championship, where a guy asks him for his autograph and reveals that it is Nazeera who asked for that. He follows Nazeera and she falls in love with him. Nazeera tells Jyothi about her love with Ram. Nazeera goes to Ram's house and knows that he requires shoes which he couldn't afford. She gives him the money for that and takes his medals in return.

Ram starts for National Athletics in Delhi on train. Ram sees Nazeera when her veil suddenly opens and her identity is revealed as Nazeera-Khanum. Ram wins the National medal. His mother with Nazeera starts preparing badam kheer for Ram. Nazeera starts speaking indirectly about Ram when Parvati calls her Nazeera (not Khanum) for which she gets shocked. Parvati tells that it was only Khanum who knows about the shoes and how Nazeera can give the money unless both are same, and thus Nazeera's identity is revealed again. Ram comes to home and sees Nazeera. When they get close, she gets a call from home. Ram waits for Nazeera when he receives a news that Parvati is dead. He reaches there and does all the rituals. Nazeera tries to call Ram but is obstructed. She goes to Malaysia. Then Ram tells that he never knew Nazeera and only has a letter which he got from her after that.

The movie then turns to Nazeera's present life in Malaysia where she looks after her father's company. She has a daughter who has many useless love stories and disturbs Nazeera by remembering Ram. Nazeera narrates her past. The call which she received from home changed her life. She goes to Malaysia as she was informed about her father's injury. For her surprise she finds him healthy. Her father asks her about Raja Ram. Nazeera says she is never going to leave Ram. Unable to stop their love he shoots himself. Nazeera who was in depression respects her father's death by sacrificing her love. She informs Ram by a letter that she is married. She stays in Malaysia singly where she finds an abandoned child and brings her up as Mehak. After listening to this, Mehak challenges Nazeera that Ram has already forgotten Nazeera. But Nazeera always finds Ram to be a winner and says he never forgets her. Mehak and Nazeera leave to India.

They go to Ram's house to meet him. They get to know that Ram is at a marriage and go there and find him, where his loses his hanky. Nazeera takes that and remembers that it was given by her in the past. Mehak gives that to Ram and inquires the story behind it. Ram narrates and that shows Nazeera in his heart. Nazeera feels bad of the challenge and feels that is an insult for her love and starts to leave to Malaysia. In the way she meets Ram's daughter Parvati in the radio mirchi and speaks to her. Parvati shows a photo of her mother who was Jyothi (Nazeera's friend). Nazeera leaves abruptly. They drop Parvati at her home and give her a gift for Ram and leave for airport . Ram comes there and sees the gift box and realizes that Nazeera has come for him and rushes to airport. Nazeera in airport meets Jyothi who tells that they are in a relationship and after she had a child, he left her. Nazeera says that Ram is not such a guy. Then Jyothi says that she was speaking of some other guy called Seenu. She tells her that Ram has brought up Parvati but he is not her father. She also tells that Ram is not married and has only Nazeera in his heart and he still loves her. Ram comes to the airport and knows from Mehak that Nazeera was not married and rushes into the airport despite the obstructing police there. He sees Nazeera standing there for him. Both of them hug each other and the movie has a happy ending.
Release Date6-February-2015

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