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Khoj (खोज) 1953

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BannerDogra Films
DirectorBalwant Bhatt
WriterTej Nath Zar
ProducerC.R. Dogra
Orginal music Nisar Bazmi
Cinematography S. Joshi
Film Editing
Art DirectorI.M. Sheikh
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Mohammad Rafi , Shamshad Begum
CharacterActor / Actress
Lalita Kumari
Kishore Dogra
Shammi Kapoor
It was no less than a miracl eof Nature that two young men. Suraj and Ranbir, bearing no blood-relation what-so-ever, were a ditto copy of each other. Suraj was a rich and noble man of the city and Ranbir the notorious dacoit at whose hands the police and the inhaitants of the city were worried to their ut-most. However for fear of being caught one day and on account of thier timely desire to get out of this unpleasant and fearful life of dacoits, Ranbir and his fellow gangster decided to use this unusal resemblance of two faces, as a tool for the achievemnt of thier goal. The conspiracy started with Mohnis (the dancing sweet-heart of Ranbir) throwing the snares of her bewtiching charm and beauty, on poor Suraj, who under this spell of married to her, breaking off his previous relations with Kusum, once the girl of his dreams and with whom he was engaged years back. Just one the next day of marriage Suraj was in the hands of the police and his entire property along with his cunning wife in the possession of Ranbir and his fellow conspirators. The police took Suraj to the police station under the doubt of his being Ranbir, the clever dacoit. As ill luck would have it, Suraj ran away from the hands of the police little realizeing that his flight will change this doubt into a surety in the minds of law. . During the exile Suraj met Kusum who still loved him. She and her brother brought him home and assured him of their sincere efforts to prve his reality before the police but the opportunity did not rise at all. Suraj has no run away from this place too, for the safety of his life. The dreadful men of Ranbir chased him like hungry dogs and ultimately caught hold of him and took to their mysterious hide-out in the depth of a jungle. . During this period Mohini the beauty with an evil heart had realized the blakness of her deeds and was repentful for what she had done. But the price, she received for this holy change of minds was her own death and that at the hands of her Ranbir whom she loved so passionately. However, before her death exposed the entire conspiracy to the police who immediately rushed to the spot. . A moments delay could take away the life of Suraj that the sudden firing of the police shattered this scene of death and hatred. A secere fight with guns and pistols took place. Ranbir and his gangsters were shot dead by the police and by occured the re-union of Suraj and Kusum with all the prospects of a happy and colourful life.
Release date1953
Awards: Unknown.
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Lyrics: Raja Mahendi Ali Khan | Music: Nisar Bazmi

1. Chanda ka DiL Toot | चंदा का दिल टूट     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi

2. Ye Hawa Ye Ghata | ये हवा ये घटा     
Voice: Shamshad Begum

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