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Humsafar (हमसफ़र) 1953

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DirectorA.N. Bannerjee
Producer Dev Anand
Orginal musicAli Akbar Kha
CinematographyV. Ratra
Film EditingM.D. Jadhav
Art DirectorM.K. Burman
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersKishore Kumar
CharacterActor / Actress
Dev Anand
Kalpana Kartik
Smriti Biswas
Kishan Dhawan
Praveen Paul
Johnny Walker
Abu Bakar
Vir and Viverk, two young friends, were a striking study in contrast for, while Vivek the older of the two, was serious, quiet,intellectual and physically weak vir, was full of an abounding energy and enthusiasm - bursting with life and new ideas, Vir was born to be a leader of men. The friends came to Bombay, Vivek to try and earn his living as a writer, Vir, characteristically, to make a fortune. But their hopes were destined to fail. Povery and hunger stalked them. They were befriended by young Malti and her mother, who tried to help them, especially when they realised that Vivek was seriously ill with Asthma. . On Vir, fell the added burden of trying to support them, for Malti in helping her friends had also lost her own job. . In despair Vir turned bitter - full of hated for the would that denied him the right to live. He determined to hit out against society. In this he was aided and abetted by Jaggu, a crippled beggar who had long been trying to get Vir to organise a group of bold and desperate young men into a regular dacoits gang. `It only I had had your strength and brains and beauty, I would have carved an empire for myself, single handed he taunted Vir. . So, while Vivek and Malti worked and waited anxiously, Vir disappeared into the mountains, from where he soon grew to be dreaded as one of the boldest dacoits of this age. . "I only take from those who have themselves robbed the poor I use no weapons. I do no evil and I am master of my own fate" he boaste. Could nothing redeem Vir from this rash step? Would the love of the beautiful dancer Radha, `kidnapped during one of his raids not soften hi heart? And Vivek? Would his and Maltis fight for their friends soul be doomed to failure?
Release date1953
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi | Music: Ali Akbar Kha

1. Prabhuji Teri Leela | प्रभुजी तेरी लीला     
Voice: Kishore Kumar

2. Tumhen Dulhan Mili | तुम्हें दुल्हन मिली     
Voice: Kishore Kumar

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