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Indrani (ইন্দ্রানী) 1958

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BannerH. N. C. Productions
DirectorNiren Lahiri
WriterAchintya Kumar Sengupta
Orginal musichemanth kumar
CinematographyBishu Chakraborty
Film EditingBaidyanath Chattopadhyay
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singershemanth kumar,Geetha dutt,Mohammed Rafi
Uttam Kumar
Suchitra Sen
Chhabi Biswas
Chandrabati Debi
Pahari Sanyal
Aparna Debi
Jiben Bose
Indrani, a brilliant student from a village, wants to study in Calcutta. She takes admission in a college and hostel in Calcutta. Her room partner is Jayanti. Soon they become intimate friends. One day Jayanti forces her to go to her house, she agrees and enters their house. Everyone welcomes her and she meets Sudarshan, elder brother of Jayanti. She comes to know that Sudarshan is M.A and is still unemployed. Indrani and Sudarshan starts liking each other and finally they fall in love. Rajib Lochan, father of Indrani arranges the marriage of Indrani with a district Magistrate groom, but Indrani tells him that she loves Sudarshan and they want to marry. Her father gets angry and tells Indrani to get out and he doesn't want to see her face forever. Sudarshan and Indrani goes to Ranchi and gets married. They return to Sudarshan's house in Calcutta. His family also doesn't like it because he is unemployed. They start to express their problem clearly to Indrani and Sudarshan in different way. Finally Indrani gets a job and they go to Dinajpur. Indrani gets a job of school teaching. Sudarshan is still unemployed. He wasn't able to get a job for himself. Sudarshan gets upset with his loneliness because Indrani is now very busy. She caomes to know that Sudarshan left the house. She becomes very sad for that. Sudarshan tries to get job anywhere but there is no vacancy. A social worker, everybody calls him Mastermoshai, sees Sudarshan and advises him to become a hard working person. Mastermoshai takes Sudarshan with him. Sudarshan works hard and he is able to break stone and bring water for villagers. Indrani listens to this news from newspaper. She goes to meet Sudarshan. They meetagair ?. Indrani begs pardon, Sudarshan forgives her. A storm dertroys the village, Sudarshan and his friends make the cottage again. His faith for life returns back, as well as Indrani's . They start to live a new life.
Release Date10/10/1985
Awards: Unknown.
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Lyrics: Gouri Prasanna Majumdar  | Voice:hemanth kumar,Geetha dutt,Mohammed Rafi | Music: hemanth kumar

1. Sabhi kuch lutakar | সাভি কুচ লুতাকার     

2. Surjha Doobar Pala | সুর্ঝা দুবার পালা     

3. Jhanak Jhanak Kanak | ঝনক ঝনক কানক     

4. Ogo Sundar Jano Na Ki | অগ সুন্দর যেন না কি     

5. Neer Chhoto Khati Nei | নীর ছোট খাটি নেই     

6. Bhangre Bhangre Bhang | ভাঙ্গরে ভাঙ্গরে ভাং     

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