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Goopy Bagha Phire Elo (গুপি বাঘ ফিরে এলো) 1992

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BannerWest Bengal Govt.
DirectorSandip Ray   
WriterSatyajit Ray
Orginal musicSatyajit Ray
CinematographyBarun Raha
Film EditingDulal Dutta
Art DirectorAshoke Bose
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersAnup Ghoshal .
CharacterActor / Actress
GoopyTapan Chatterjee
BaghaRobi Ghosh
Haradhan Bannerjee
Bhishma Guhathakurta
Ajit Banerjee
Juggler at KIng's CourtAbhay Mitra
King of KanchanpurKamu Mukherjee
Sunil Sarkar
After a long time Sundi's king Goopy Gayen and Bagha Bayen go away in search of new experience. Now their aim is Anandapur. There they win the heart of the king by singing. In that court room they meet Brahmananda Acharya, the follower of the doctrines taught by the Tantras, Acharya invites Goopy and Bagha to come to Anandagarh fort. Next day they go to his place and there he offers them to steal three valuable stones. In return he promises to make them 20 years younger. Suddenly in the state thirteen boys of twelve years, whose bear the same name Bikram were missing. On hearing this news from the village teacher, Pradip a boy named Kanu gives the information about those 13 boys. But no one give importance to a little boy's words. Later Goopi and Bagha come to know that Kamu is right; those Bikrams are in the Ananda Garh fort under the control of Acharya and they serve him as his obedient slaves. They also come to know that Bikram a 12 year old boy of Anandapur will be the cause of Acharya's death. Hearing this news the king of Anandapur sent his soldiers to imprison Acharya and rescue those Bikrams they lost to the magic power of Acharya. Goopi and Bagha assure the king to rescue them. They stole two rare stones with a hope to get youth and rescue the children. But later they repent for stealing the stones. In a dream the king of ghost advised them to keep off from injustice. They apologised to him. Suddenly a change occurs in Kanu. He starts for fort to kill Acharya. Later Goopi And Bagha cometo know from Mayratna, Kanu's grand father that his real name is Bikram, though no one calls him by that name. Kanu was accompanied by Goopi and Bagha. When Kanu stands infront of the castle door, the door opens and the Acharya can not bear the power of his eyes and he disappeares in his bed. Thus he rescues the 13 boys with the help of Goopi Bagha.
Release date30-January-1992
BFJA Awards (1993)

Best Art Direction Ashok Bose

Best Choreography Barun Raha

Best Editing Dulal Dutta

Best Indian Films

Best Lyrics Satyajit Ray

Best Music Satyajit Ray

Best Playback Singer (Male) Anup Ghoshal

Most Outstanding Work Of The Year Tapen Chattopadhyay
Not Available


Lyrics: Satyajit Ray | Voice: Anup Ghoshal | Music: Satyajit Ray

1. Sudhijone Jato Acho | সুধিজনে যত আচ     

2. Oi Je Dekho | ওই যে দেখো     

3. Mora Ashi Dheye | মরা আশি ধেয়ে     

4. Aajke Moder Aram | আজকে মদের আরাম     

5. Katokal Pare | কতকাল পারে     

6. Michamichi Karo | মিছামিছি কারো     

7. Aaj Theke Mora | আজ থেকে মরা     

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