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Brammigadi Katha (బ్రమ్మిగాడి కథ) 2011

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BannerMulti Dimension Entertainments Pvt Ltd
DirectorEshwar Reddy
ProducerRajat Pardhasaradhi
Music DirectorKoti
CinematographyJawahar Reddy
Film EditingShankar
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersAnooj, Chaitra, Deepu, Geetha Madhuri, Karunya, Sri Krishna, Malavika, Hemachandra
Character Actor/Actress
ShivaVarun Sandesh
Asmita Sood
Poonam Kaur
Jayaprakash Reddy

Siva (Varun Sandesh) is an engineering student and the only son to her parents who stay in Vijayawada. His uncle (Jayaprakash Reddy) keeps high hopes on him and wanted to get her daughter Bhagya (Poonam Kaur) married to him. When Siva travels to Gulbarga to pen the final exams of his engineering course and he had to make a day"s stay in Hyderabad where his uncle lives. Siva accidentally meets a girl Maya (Asmita Sood), who was running away from home as her parents were planned for her marriage against her interests. At the same time, he finds some goons are chasing her. Siva buys a ticket for her to Hyderabad but by the time the train reaches Hyderabad, she goes missing. Siva reaches his uncle"s house. His uncle wants to produce a film with a star producer called Brahmi (Brahmanandam) and he too visits the house at the same time. While Brahmi starts narrating the story, Siva goes for shopping with Bhagya. He finds Maya being chased by some goons and rescues her. Incidentally, the story narrated by Brahmi coincides with the real life story and Siva"s uncle is surprised and finds the entire story being narrated by Brahmi happens in real life. Just before the climax, Siva comes to know that Maya killed some one in Vijayawada and runs for life. What happens next should be seen on-screen.
Release Date01-July-2011



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