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Veera Telangana (వీర తెలంగాణ) 2010

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BannerSneha Chitra Pictures
DirectorR. Narayana Murthy
WriterR. Narayana Murthy
ProducerR. Narayana Murthy
Music Director
Film EditingMohan Rama Rao
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSri Mallesh, Suddala Bharathi, KJ Yesudas, Thorrooru Ramanarsaiah, Warangal Srinivas, Mano, Suddala Ashok Teja, Vemulavada Buggaiah
Character Actor/Actress
YadagiriR. Narayana Murthy
Vijayaranga Raju
Furqan Ahmed
Krishneswara Rao
Veera Telangana is based on struggle of peasants against the exploitative landlords. Yadagiri (R Narayana Murthy) is a working under local landlord (Vijayaranga Raju). That landlord used to harass the people of the village and treat every village as a bonded labour to him. He usurps the properties of the people and amasses huge wealth and commands the entire village. Even he doesn't allow the children to go to school and become literate and makes them to work in his backyard. At this juncture, Andhra Maha Sabha emerges from the Communist Party of India and the leaders gives a call to the people to revolt against the landlord and also against the Nizam.The CPI leaders exhort the people that they need not pay any tax on their land and take away the yield to their homes instead of sending them to the landlord's house. This irks the landlord who complains to the Nizam Nawab that the people are revolting against the government and is avoiding payment of tax. So the Nizam Nawab tells his military commander to crush the movement. The military commander, who was a Muslim, starts killing people mercilessly and in addition to the government military, he prepares a group of private army called Razakars and incites them to kill people, who talk against the Islam religion and the Nizam Nawab.Once a youth takes part in a procession called by Andhra Maha Sabha and succumbs to a bullet injury from the landlord's sister. Landlord orders that nobody should touch the dead body and no one should help in cremating him. But Yadagiri, who was going by that way helps the woman to shift the body for funeral. This irks the landlord and punishes Yadagiri. Not only that, he tries to thrash Yadagiri's mother, which forces Yadagiri to revolt against the landlord and join the Andhra Maha Sabha and takes up a rifle for an armed struggle. How the Nizam's military commander ruthlessly killed people and how the Andhra Maha Sabha's army reacted to the acts? How they took revenge against the killing of their leaders? Answers to all these question form part of the climax.

Release Date09-July-2010

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