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Aag Ka Dariya (आग का दरिया) 1953

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BannerShorey Films
DirectorRoop K. Shorey
WriterRoop K. Shorey
ProducerRoop K. Shorey
Orginal musicVinod
CinematographyT.R. Joshi
Film EditingPran Mehra
Art DirectorK.N. Dar
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersTalat Mahmood, Asha Bhosle
CharacterActor / Actress
Karan Dewan
Prithviraj Kapoor
Meena Shorey
Johnny Walker
Uma Dutt
Our old bards tell us that falling in love is like crossing a veritable "river of fire". Poor sweer Kammu was feeling the pangs now. She worked in a household ruled over by a woman whose chief work in life was to bully her husband, make her stepon, shyam, miserable and dote over her own son Lallo. Often Kammu found herself the object of her temper and violence, because, Lallo made advances she rejected and she could not tell his mother so. The only happiness she found was in her love for Shyam. Together they managed to steal a few moments to forget the tortures of true love and enjoy only its bliss. But their troubles had just begun. In the midst of a family quarrel started of course by Lalloos crooked waya, the father leaves the house. The mother hits Kammu and Shyam turns to her help. Lallo trips him down, and he wounds his eyes with a pitchfork. But the stubborn mother still sides her spoilt son, and throws Kammu and Shyam out of the house. They find refuge in an untouchables hut. Lallo stirs up the village against them and they are forced to leave the village to save the old untouchable Lalloo is still not statisfied. He arranges with his " goonda gang" to kidnap her, while both of them are wandering in the jungles. While she is fighting them she is rescued by the keeper of a burning ghat only to find that he has the same designs too. When he tells her that he has just cremated Shyam and wants her, she fights him off, and while chasing her he deservedly meets his end. Shyam, in the meantime, is picked up at the bottom of a cliff( where his blindness has led him ), by a rich girl Asha and her friend-cum-secretary, Kala. They rush him to hospital where the Doctor assures them that he will be alright, but for his eyes which need a very expensive operation. Asha gets his eye-sight back for him, but when he can find no trace of Kammu, he is very distressed. At the hospital he meets Lallo in very traitened circumstances having left the house and run through the family fortune. Lallo tells him that Kammu is dead and his inimitable style relieves Shyam of the money, Asha has put into his pocket. While Shyam is roaming around aimlessy he comes just in time to save Asha from drowning. Her gratitude had now blossomed into love. With Kalas counsel she persuades him to remain on as manager of her estates. Strange experiences befall Kammu in the jungles with a wounded tiger who be friends her. Eventually she finds herself welcomed by a beggar group. One day she meets Lallo begging too and really ill. she helps him with a few pice, and leaves him before he can tell her that Shyam is alive. Although Kammy comes to the same house in which Shyam is staying. Fate has not destined their meeting yet. . Shyam meets Lallo however and before Lallo can tell him that Kammu is alive he is arrested by the police. Desperation and constant suggestions from Kala drive Shyam into agreeing to marry Asha.Asha is now in the seventh heavens untill one day she finds out that Shyam and Kammu have promised themselves to each other long ago. Women will fight for their love. Asha fights and Kammu finds herself helpless. Strangely enough Kala who has heard both their tragic love stories tries to persuade Asha that she can never find happiness with Shyam because Shyam loves only Kammu and one cannot force love. . Will Asha take head? Will Shyam keep his promise to her or to Kammu who has gone through a"river of fire"for his sake?
Release date1953
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Aziz Kashmiri, Hasarat Jaipuri  | Music: Vinod 

1. Ek Dil Hazar Gham | एक दिल हज़ार ग़म     
Voice: Talat Mahmood

2. Kat Jaayegi Jawani | कट जायेगी जवानी     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

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