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Badshah (बादशाह) 1954

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DirectorAmiya Chakravarti
ProducerAmiya Chakravarti
Orginal music Shankar, Jaikishan
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Lata Mangeshkar,hemanth kumar
Pradeep Kumar
Mala Sinha
Usha Kiran
K. N.Singh
Badshah did not indicate a king, but the sobriquet derisively earned by one who was devoted slave. If anything, he was freak of nature, hideous, deformed, with the exterior of a monster but the heart of a child. Dharmaraj, his master, the lord of the place, was merciless in justice, devoted in piety and rieorous in his celebacy. . Fate played a cruel jest with Dharmaraj when he first set his eyes on Gulabi, the young gipsy waif, beautiful like the morning blossom, free like the fragrant spring breeze. He forget all except the desire to possess her. Badhshah followed her. Unknown to them there was another person shadowing her. This was Bhojraj the vergrant poet and philosopher, who saw in Gulabi the essence of poesy and inspiration on two legs. But when Badshah caught the girl in his powerful arms Bhojraj was too shocked to help. But Bhaskar, the captain of the guards, arrived at the nick of time. He freed the girl and arrested Badshah. . Gulabi regained her freedom but lost heart to her valiant savior. savior. Bhaskar who was already betrothed to Malati found the lure of Guabis love-it virginal eyes irresistable. . Dharmaraj ordered. Badshah to be flogged in public to uphold justice Badshah bore the ordeal silently rather than betray the trust of his master. But when he bagan to yelp for betray the trust of his master. But when he began to yelp for water, the crowd only jeered. Gulabi waded through the heartless crowd and offered him water. Badshah was stunned, ashamed. His childish heart welld over with gratitude. A tender love sprouted in teh heart of the beast for this innocent, forgiving beauty. . Love baulked, gathered strength. Dharmaraj became obsessed with an overwhelming desire for Gulabi. But when he discovered Gulabi one evening with Bhaskar, love changed to jealousy, desire to vengeance. Mad at finding her in anothers arms he stabbed Bhaskar and had Gulabi arrested for the crime. . Unrequitted love and consuming jealousy robbed Dharmaraj of all sense of justice and propeiety. He condemned Gulabi to be hanged. Gulabi, a girl surendered in childhood from her mother, had been brought up by the gypsies. Failing in her quest for her mother, she had now lost her lover. She preferred death. . But Bhaskar was not dead. Malati nursed him day and night to bring him back from the jaws of death. . Dharmaraj had condemned Gulabi to death but was being himself constantly tortured by his all consuming love for her. Badshahs childish heart rebelled at his masters injustice, and ached for the unfortunate girl. Malati strained every nerve to win back Bhaskars love and get married. Gulabi at the news of Bhaskars recovery yearned once more for life which was forfelt. . Where do these tangled skeins of emotional conflict lead? Does Badshah save the girl he worships? Does Malati win the battle of love? Does Gulabi find her mother? Her lover?
Release Date1954
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Shailendra Shail | Music: Shankar

1. Aa Neele Gagan(Revival) | आ नीले गगन (रेविवल)     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar,hemanth kumar

2. Rulakar Chal Diye | रुलाकर चल दिए     
Voice: hemanth kumar

3. Aa Neele Gagan | आ नीले गगन     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar,hemanth kumar

4. Gul Muskura Utha | गुल मुस्कुरा उठा     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

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