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Zindagi (ज़िन्दगी) 1940

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DirectorPramathesh Barua
WriterJaved Hussain, Kedar Sharma
Orginal musicPankaj Mullick
CinematographyPramathesh Barua
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersK.L. Saigal
CharacterActor / Actress
RatanK.L. Saigal
Pahari Sanyal
ShrimataJamuna Baruah
Shyam Laha
Sitara Devi
Vikram Kapoor
Rajani Rani
Sanjeev Kumar
Following from Mehboobs Ek Hi Raasta (1940), Barua also shows an unmaried couple living together, one of the most sacrosanct taboos of the Indian cinema. In a park, the vagabond gambler Ratan (Saigal) encounters Shrimati (Jamuna) who has escaped from her brutal husband. They team up and collect numerous donations pretending to belong to a charitable religious trust. They by a flat and live together until Shrimatis father dies and she inherits his wealth. Renouncing her earlier life, she devotes herself to good works and employs Ratan to tutor an adopted orphan, Lakhia, but he discovers that he cannot live withut her, while she, feeling she must pay for her guilty life, rejects him. He returns to being a tramp and she gives her fortune to Lakhia and withdraws to a lonely dwelling awaiting death. To ensure a happy ending, the two meet again as though on the threshhold of a new afterlife. The film had several Sharma songs performed by Saigal, including the famous So jaa rajkumari.
Release date1940
Awards: Unknown.
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Lyrics: Kidar Sharma | Music: Pankaj Mullick

1. So Ja Rajkumari So Ja | सो जा राजकुमारी सो जा     
Voice: K.L. Saigal

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