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Yatrik (यात्रिक) 1952

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DirectorKartik Chatterjee
WriterProbodh Sanyal
Orginal musicPankaj Mullick
CinematographyAmullya Mukherjee
Film EditingSubodh Roy
Art DirectorSudhendu Roy
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersPankaj Mullick, Dhananjay Bhattacharya, Binata Chakrabarty
CharacterActor / Actress
BrahmacharyaAbhi Bhattacharya
Probodh Kumar SanyalVasant Choudhury
RaniArundhati Devi
Molina Devi
Tulsi Chakrabarti
Maya Mukherjee
Film based on Prabodh Kumar Sanyals travelogue about his visit, presented as a search for Truth, to the Himalayas and the religious shrines at Kedarnath and Badrinath. Choudhary plays the author in both versions, Arundhati Devi in her film debut plays Rani, the widow on a pilgrimage, while Bhattacharya plays the Brahmachari in the Hindi version. A strongly mystical aura pervades the film, notably in the nature shots. *.* Yatrik, a travel story is adapted from `Maha Prasthaner Pathey by Probodh Kumar Sanyal and is set in the Himalaya mountains. . Isolated in the Himalayas are the temples of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Kailasnath. To visit these holy places, hosts of pilgrims venture upon a dangerous journey through the mountains. The Traveller in the film leaves his home in Hardwar and set out for the Himalayas. . He has travelled through and seen many parts of India Setubandha, Konarak, Dwarka and Ajanta. And now Hrishikesh and Deva Prayag. . The traveller meets fellow pilrims and these encounters provide a series of human interest episoddes. . A jovial, high-spitited and gluttonous Brahmachari whom he suspects is amember of a terroirst party of Midnapore and hiding form the police in the mountains. . Beyond Deva Prayag he meets Aghor Babu, Radharani and her mother. In a fight between Aghor Babu and the Brahmachari it si revealed that Radharani is in reality a prostitute. The Traveller leaves these companions and proceeds alone. Almost desperate he finds he has lost his way in the forests of the mountain. He is helped by a mysterious Bhairabi, a hill girl who appears out of nowhere, it seems, and show- ing him the right path, vanishes. He reaches Kedarnath and then Badrinath. Here outside the temple he meets a widowed girl and an ascetic, called Rani. Her home is in Uttar Pradesh with her he continues his travels but then they too separate.
Release date1952
Awards: Unknown.
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Pandit Bhushan, Meerabai, B.M. Sharma  | Music: Pankaj Mullick

1. He chandrachooda | हे चन्द्रचूडा     
Voice: Pankaj Mullick

2. Ram Naam Ghanashyam | राम नाम घनश्याम     
Voice: Biren Bal

3. dilwale dilgir hua | दिलवाले दिलगीर हुआ     
Voice: Dhananjay Bhattacharya

4. Tu dhunta hai jisko | तू धुनता है जिसको     
Voice: Dhananjay Bhattacharya

5. jai jai shiv | जय जय शिव     
Voice: Pankaj Mullick

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