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Waris (वारिस) 1954

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BannerMinerva Movietone
DirectorNitin Bose
WriterKhan Bahadur Hakim
ProducerSohrab Modi
Orginal musicAnil Krishna Biswas
CinematographyNitin Bose
Film EditingD. Shridhankar
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersTalat Mahmood
Talat Mahmood
Achala Sachdev
An inheritance melodrama about Kunwar (Mahmood), the son of zamindar Rana Himmat Singh (Sethi). Kunwar marries Shobha (Suraiya) and is disinherited, forcing him to join the army during WW2. When he is reported lost and persumed dead, a reprntant Rana invites Shobha to stay with him. However, it is Kanta (Nadira), a young woman betrayed by Ranas villanious secretary Kailash (Yakub), who arrives at the house and is mistaken for Shobha. Masquerading as Shobha, who lives nearby in absolute poverty, Kanta moves in, causing a moral dilemma and generating suspense since she could be caught out any moment. Starring singing stars Talat Mahmood and Suraiya, the film includes several solos by each of them as well as some duets: Rahi matwale, Ghar tera apna ghar laage. *.* When Rana Himmat Singh, the prosperous landlord of Himmatpur, made the unusual decision of deputing his only son and heir Kunwar to work as an ordinary apprentice clerk in one of his own mills, his main concern was that by `going through the mill Kunwar may gather the necessary experience of life and work which will standd him in good stead when he inherits his fathers vast fortune. But the wellmeaning father had not rekoned with the high will of Destiny. . On his way to Bombay Kunwar meets andd befriends a kindredd soul Shobha who was going to Bombay to see her aliling father. From here develops a swift and unusual chain of events cculminating in the marriage of Kunwar and Shobha in spite of the Rana who, in a fit of of rage, not only disinherits Kunwar but orders his Manager Kailash to dismiss Kunwar from his service, Kailash who had not been on good terms with Kunwar from the very first moment he set his eyes on him, complies with the Ranas orders most happily thereby rendering the newly married Kunwar without a soure of livelihood. Forced by the needs of everyday life Kunwar joins the army in the second World War and goes abroad leaving behind Shobha who is now in a family way. . Here fate takes an extra-ordinary turn; Kunwar is reported dead in a bombardment of the ship carrying him abroadd. Ranas back is broken. He repents having created the necessity for his son to join the army and to assuage his guilty conscience invites Shobha to come to his house in Himmatpur. . Fate weaves yer another web of circumstances which throws up a very tragic character in the person of Kanta. She is the victim of Kanta. She is the victim of Kailash who threw her out after having tricked her into a fake marriage. She tries to commit suicide but fails. Desperate she leaves, and through a strange series of circumstances she is picked up and accepted by the Rana as his widowed daughter-in- law in place of real Shobha, unknown to both Kailash and Shobha. Thus an imposter that Kanta had become, she was not guilty in the real sense, for, she had every reason to believe that the real Shobha whom she was impersonating was dead as a result of the same series of events whicch placed her (Kanta) in the position of the Ranas Bahurani. . Five long years of happiness and security pass by and then one day out of a trifling incident a terrific fact bares itself and Kanta comes to know that the real Bahurani Shobha with her son of five years is not only alive but living dangerously close by. A struggle starts in her sense of duty and morality, and her dire need for secutity for her own child. . Events mount upon events causing fresh conflicts and trials till one day Kailash arrives on the scene. . The tangle thus caused looks insoluble and all roadds appeared to Kanta to lead to destruction
Release Date1954
Awards: Unknown.
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Lyrics:  Qamar Jalalabadi | Music: Anil Krishna Biswas

1. Raahi Matwale | राही मतवाले     
Voice: Talat Mahmood

2. Kabhi Hai Gham | कभी है ग़म     
Voice: Talat Mahmood

3. Ghazab Kiya Tere | ग़ज़ब किया तेरे     
Voice: Rajkumari Dubey

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