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Viyyalavari Kayyalu (వియ్యాలవారి కయ్యాలు) 2007

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BannerLarsco Entertainments of Ramalakshmi Creations
DirectorE. Satti Babu
ProducerLagadapti Sreedhar
Music DirectorRamana Gogula
Film EditingMarthand K Venkatesh
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersNaveen, Ganga, Chitra, Ramana, Sri Krishna, Sunitha, Vijayalakshmi, Kalpana, Ramana Gogula, R.P. Patnaik
Uday Kiran
Sri Hari
Neha Julka
Sayaji Shinde
Vamshi (Uday Kiran) is a hair stylist who falls in love with Nandini (Neha Jhulka), sister of Bhoopathi Rayudu (Sri Hari), a good hearted factionist. Vamshi and Nandini decides to get married only with the consent of their elders. So Vamshi comes to Juturu, a village in Rayalaseema to convince Bhoopati Rayudu of his love with the latters sister. Initially Bhoopati doesn't like Vamshi and everyone laughs at Vamshi when he says that he is a hair stylist in city. But the pair believes that true love never runs away but stands brave even after initially being rejected. Bhoopati values the word given by any of his family members and stands by it. The second half shows the "Kayyalu" (light hearted quarrels) between the elders of the two sides. Vengal Reddy (Jaya Prakash) tries to become the MLA by violence and thinks of Bhoopati but in vain. Even after Vamshi convinces Bhoopati, he is worried on how to convince his parents. Uday is son of a Justice (Sayaji Shinde), a person who believes that one should not go beyond the law and hate corrupted ones. How the pair and Bhoopati convinces the Justice is really amazing to watch.

Release Date01-November-2007
Budget6.5 Crores

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