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Vasthadu Naaraju (వస్తాడు నారాజు) 2011

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Banner24 Frames Factory Pvt Ltd
DirectorHemant Madhukar
Production executive
Production Company24 Frames Factory Pvt Ltd
Orginal musicMani Sharma
CinematographyS Gopal Reddy
Film EditingGoutham Raju
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersRanjith, Hemachandra, Malavika, Rita, Sri Ramachandra, Saindhavi, Janani, Saketh, Karthik, K.S.Chitra
CharacterActor / Actress
Home MinisterSayaji Shinde
NarasimhaPrakash Raj
Tanikella Bharani
Rama Prabha
Siva Reddy
PrincipalGangadhar Panday
Narsimha is a rowdy whose life ambition is to become an MLA, he murders people and works as a henchman to the Home Minister in hopes of getting the seat. However, Narsimha has a sister, Puja whom he adores a lot and she too loves her brother. Venky is a happy-go-lucky guy with a nice family and no problems. His ambition in life is to become a professional kick boxer, he and his dad share a strong bond. When Venky goes to the shop to pick up his pictures he accidentally takes the wrong envelope. His family sees the pictures of Puja, and thinks that she is Venky's girlfriend. The Home Minister's son Ajay wants to marry Puja,and tells Nasimha that he will make him an MLA if he agrees to the marriage. Narsimha quickly agrees, and Puja too has no objection to her brother's decision. Through a series of misunderstandings Narsimha thinks that Puja is in love with Venky, though they both have never met.Narsimha gets worried that he will not become a MLA, and goes to Venky's family's coffee shop and thrashes everything, he destroyes Venky's sister's marriage and slaps Venky's father. Venky comes home and sees the destruction, he's confused and swears revenge on Narsimha. Narsimha screams at Puja and she decides to commit sucide, when she jumps into the water Venky saves her. Its late so he decides to drop her at her home, when Narsimha sees Puja on Venky's bike he thinks that they are eloping. Venky and Puja try to explain that they don't know each other and its a misunderstanding, but Narsimha won't listen. A fight follows and Narsimha shoots Venky. Venky lives, but he kidnaps Puja and says he demands an apology and Narsimha must fix all that he destroyed( Venky's dreams of becoming a kickboxer, Venky's sister's wedding, their coffee shop, and his family's honor.) Slowly Puja becomes friends with Venky and after a little while they fall in love, but they don't know this. Puja goes to her exam hall, and tells Venky she will tell him something after her exam, she was going to say 'I love you'. Meanwhile Venky's friends and family explain the misunderstanding to Narsimha, and he immediately apologizes and fixes all the destruction he's caused. Puja is not able to tell Venky her feelings, because her brother comes and says sorry. Now, Venky does not want to create anymore problems, so he denies his love for Puja. Puja doesn't want to get married to Ajay, but she accepts to make her brother happy. Ajay figures out that Puja has been kidnapped, and thinks that Venky and Puja are in love. The Home Minister then insults Puja a lot, this leads to a fight and their wedding is broken off. Narsimha thinks that Puja should get married to Venky, and they happily get married.
Release date11-Feb-11

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