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Varadhi (వారధి) 2015


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BannerCosmic Imaginations
DirectorSatish Kartikeya
ProducerP. Vivekananda Varma
Music DirectorVijay Gorthi
CinematographyRajendra Kesani
Film EditingKarthika Srinivas
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersRahul Nambiar, Sweekar, Nivas, Shwetha Mohan, Vijay Gorthi
Character Actor/Actress
AradhanaSri Divya
Krishna Bhagavaan
Srinivasa Reddy
Gautam(Hemanth) is a young college going youth who falls in love with his classmate Aradhana(Sri Divya). During the last day of the college, Aradhana proposes to Hemanth and he accepts her love quite happily. Sadly, his happiness is short lived as he gets killed in an accident.
As time moves by, the story shifts to Hyderabad. One fine day, a selfish psycho named Vinay(Kranthi) sights Aradhana and keeps following her. A depressed Aradhana, who is still very much in love with Hemanth, keeps ignoring Vinay. Twist in the tale arises when Vinay gets injured in an accident. From there on, Vinay starts seeing human spirits around him and also comes across Hemanth’s spirit.
He learns about Hemanth’s tragic love story and decides to do something for Aaradhana. Rest of the story is as to how a cruel Vinay changes himself and manages to convince Aradhana.
Release Date17-April-2015

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