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Valli (வள்ளி) 1993


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Rajesh (Nikhil Siddharth) is a not-so-innocent village boy who wants to make it big in life easily and in the process ends up taking loans from every person in the village. In a parallel track, we have Shruthi (Shweta Prasad) who is being harassed by the local goon Narender (Ajay) who also happens to be her brother-in-law. Rajesh & Shruthi meet and a couple of misunderstandings lead to Rajesh turning over a new leaf. He then transforms into a successful loan recovery agent and decides to rescue Shruthi from the clutches of her brother-in-law. In the last 15 mins of the movie, they realize their love for each other before an insipid climax leads to a happy ending for them and the audience
Pradeep Ravath
Vijaya Sai
Pavala Shyamala
Sarika Ramachandra
Mangala (Charmy) is a famous heroine and she has many fans. One among them (Vijay Sai) is not just obsessed about Mangala but he is sensitive as well. He decides to gift a car to Mangala and asks his father (Pradeep Rawath) who does black magic, for money. The doting father takes money from a rich man and uses his evil powers to kill a child and gives the amount to his son.
However, when the fans comes to city and meets Mangala, a misunderstanding makes her think that he tried to misbehave and the fans gets beaten by Mangala’s driver/confidante (Subhash). Hurt by this, the fan attempts suicide. He is unwilling to take the medicine in the hospital till he sees Mangala. Despite several requests from his father, Mangala is unable to come due to her shooting and takes it easy. The fan dies and the enraged father unleashes the horrifying ‘Sakuchi’ – a spell that will lead to death. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.
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Awards: Unknown.

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