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Uyyala Jampala (ఉయ్యాలా జంపాలా) 2013


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BannerAnnapurna Studios
DirectorVirinchi Varma
WriterVirinchi Varma, Ram Mohan P
ProducerAkkineni Nagarjuna, Ram Mohan
Music DirectorSunny M.R
CinematographyVishwa D.B.
Film EditingMarthand K. Venkatesh
Art DirectorS. Ravinder
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersHarshika Gudi, Anudeep Dev, Bindu, Deepu, Sunny MR, Arijit Singh
SuriRaj Tarun
Uma DeviAvika Gor
SunithaPunarnavi Bhupalam
MuraliKireeti Damaraju
VasuPeela Gangadhar
KodandaAlluri Hanuma
ParthuShashank Srivatsavaya
The whole film is narrated by the protagonist of the film Soori (Raj Tarun) who is running back to confess his love to his cousin Umadevi (Avika Gor). Soori and Umadevi quarrel since their childhood which starts from the time of the latter's birth itself. Umadevi is the daughter of Rangaraju (Ravi Varma), the younger brother of Soori's mother. Rangaraju, his family and his parents live in a mansion while Soori and his widowed mother (Anita Chowdary) live in a small house exactly beside the mansion in a modernized yet naturally scenic village called Konavaram. Soori deals in the business of cock-shit which is required for those who maintain fish ponds nearby the village. He has two friends Kodanda (Alluri Hanuma), a person nearly equal to a Google search engine when it comes to the day to day advances in Technology and day-to-day affairs in the Village and Vasu (Peela Gangadhar), a gullible person who always has a "Be positive" attitude in all the cases. Added to this, a local belle Sunitha (Punarnavi Bhupalam) is infatuated to Soori and she happens to be Umadevi's close friend. In order to tease Umadevi, Soori flirts Sunitha everyday and gets on Umadevi's nerves. Meanwhile Umadevi too falls in love with a techie Parthu (Shashank Srivatsavaya).

When Soori observes her neglecting him and Sunitha and roaming around, he gets a suspicion and along with Vasu, he follows Umadevi one day and finds her in the company of Parthu. When Vasu and Soori follow him on their bike, they come to know that Parthu is a mechanic who works in the nearby town's Hero Motorcorp outlet. Soori calls Parthu and tells him that he wants to purchase the bike Parthu uses. After a test drive, Parthu is damaged severely as Soori trashes him. Later a wounded Parthu asks Umadevi to elope with him as Parthu's father is trying to arrange a marriage for him. When Umadevi expresses her fear, Parthu threatens her that he would die by swallowing sleeping tablets if she doesn't elope with him and she agrees. After packing her dresses, gifts presented by Parthu and her ornaments, Umadevi escapes from her house that night and boards a bus along with Parthu. Rangaraju creates havoc in his house and Soori finds out with the help of Sunitha that Umadevi is in Tuni, a major town in East Godavari District. Immediately, Parthu and Umadevi get down from the bus and ther Parthu's friends try to kidnap her while Parthu tries to snatch her ornaments. Soori comes there along with Kodanda and Vasu. After Umadevi comes to know the truth, she thrashes Parthu with a strong wooden stick and on the way to her return, she blames Soori for all the happenings.

Soori too feels the allegations are correct as Umadevi was disturbed by him when he flirted Sunitha and Parthu's entry at this time made her fall in love with him. When Soori and Umadevi reach home, Rangaraju tries to beat her and Soori intervenes. But when Soori is not there, Rangaraju slaps Umadevi and starts beating her. After listening to the sounds, Soori enters the room and stops Rangaraju. Soori's mother takes Umadevi to her house in order to ensure her safety and to calm down Rangaraju's frustration. During her stay in Soori's house, Umadevi starts loving Soori and Soori too loved her which he never felt that he was in love with her. Rangaraju decides to conduct the marriage of Umadevi with Bujji, who is known for his devilish and sadistic mother. On the request of Umadevi, Soori and Vasu go to Bujji's house and speak all nonsense regarding Umadevi and Rangaraju which finally leads to cancellation of marriage. Ranagarju comes to know this and blames Soori that he is aiming to grab his wealth by marrying Umadevi. Soori in turn challenges that he will find a good bridegroom for Umadevi.

After much scrutiny and with the help of Kodanda, Soori tracks down his old friend Murali (Kireeti Damaraju), a NRI staying in US who was a good friend of Umadevi. He somehow manages to bring Murali to Konavaram and there Murali accepts the marriage as he was in love with Umadevi since their childhood. Rangaraju is a happy man and apologizes to Soori and asks him to help him in conducting the marriage. Soori's mother later scolds Soori that he would defenitely miss Umadevi once the marriage is done and when Umadevi goes to US. After a string of incidents which strain Soori mentally about his relation with Umadevi, he is requested by Umadevi not to attend her marriage just the night before the event which leaves Soori devastated. He keeps his word and doesn't turns up at the wedding but when his heart says that he is in love with her, he runs back to stop the marriage only to see Umadevi running towards him. She tells that the marriage is halted as she gave Murali sleeping tablets which he consumes without his knowledge and faints. Since all were busy in waking him up, she ran away. At this point Soori proposes her and she accepts his proposal. Though Murali was sad after gaining his consciousness, though Rangaraju was not happy initially, the marriage of Soori and Umadevi is conducted with the consent of all.
Release Date25-December-2013
Filmfare Awards South (2014):
Nominated in Telugu:

Best Film - Nagarjuna Akkineni, Prasad Nsvg, Ram Mohan P., Annapurna Studios, Sunshine Cinemas
Best Director - Virinchi Varma
Best Supporting Actress - Punarnavi Bhupalam

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