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Temper (టెంపర్) 2015

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BannerParameswara Art Productions
DirectorPuri Jagannadh
WriterVakkantham Vamsi
ProducerBandla Ganesh
Music DirectorAnup Rubens
CinematographyShyam K. Naidu
Film EditingS. R. Sekhar
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersAdnan Sami, Ramya Behara, Veena Ghantasala, Uma Neha, MLR Karthikeyan, Bhargavi Pillai, Simha, Anup Rubens, Puri Jagannadh, Ranjith, Lipsika, Geetha Madhuri, Dhanunjay, Anudeep, Arun, Hymath
DayaN. T. Rama Rao Jr.
ShanviKajal Agarwal
Narayana MurthyPosani Krishna Murali
Waltair VasuPrakash Raj
DeepthiApoorva Srinivasan
Lakshmi's MotherPavithra Lokesh
Shanvi's MotherKovai Sarala
Shanvi's GrandmotherRamaprabha
JudgeKota Srinivasa Rao
Venkata RaoTanikella Bharani
Vennela KishoreVennela Kishore
Home Minister of Andhra PradeshJaya Prakash Reddy
DoctorSonia Agarwal
Nora Fatehi
Daya is an orphan who grows up learning that a police's life is a happy one with lots of money coming in the form of bribes which inspires him to become a police officer. After years, he becomes a corrupt, cunning, manipulative and ruthless sub inspector of police. He is transferred to Vishakhapatnam where he forms an immediate friendship with the local don Waltair Vasu by releasing his four brothers Ravi, Mani, Varun and Sundeep from the jail who were arrested for smuggling. Daya's attitude does not go well with his subordinate Narayana Murthy, a sincere police constable. He tries to oppose Daya's deeds which go vain.

Meanwhile, Daya meets a pet cross member Shanvi and falls in love with her at first sight. With the help of two chain snatchers, Daya manages to steal her pet dogs which are very precious for her. Daya later manages to pose those chain snatchers as police constables and adds that they had to fight with Korean smugglers to retrieve those dogs. He also foils her marriage with a flutist named Vennela Kishore by arresting him at a brothel house adding that he is an ardent dog lover and an exact opposite of Kishore which makes Shanvi fall for him. On her birthday, Vasu's men kidnap her and Daya rescues her in time. Vasu then scolds his henchmen for kidnapping the wrong person and apologises to both of them.

As her birthday gift, Shanvi asks Daya to save that girl's life who was supposed to be kidnapped and killed by Vasu. Obliging the same, Daya saves that girl named Lakshmi and opposes Vasu. They later reconcile and Daya comes to know that Lakshmi has proof of Vasu's brothers' atrocities which if exposed can kill them. Daya meets Lakshmi and comes to know that Deepthi was her sister who was kidnapped, raped, and brutally assaulted to death by Vasu's four brothers for 40 days and the same was recorded by them. That was stored on a CD which is with Lakshmi now. Daya takes the CD and sends Lakshmi and her mother to United States.

Before leaving, Lakshmi's conversation with him bring a change in his mindset and turns an honest officer after a chain of events with Murthy notifying the change in him. Daya credits Shanvi for bringing the change in him and reveals the truth to her after which she forgives him. After Deepthi's dead body is found and postmortemed by a female doctor, Daya produces the CD as the evidence which turns out to be an empty one. Though no further evidence exists, Daya asks a gap of one day to provide necessary evidence so that Vasu's brothers should not escape as exonerated. He regrets for not making multiple copies of the CD in a conversation with Shanvi and later, Vasu's men attack Daya when he is alone.

He reaches the court next day and adds that he is also one among the 'five' men who sexually assaulted Deepthi and convinces the judge to put five of them to death so that those four shall not escape death. In the last minute, Lakshmi reveals Murthy that she has an extra copy and the same is aired in the media. Daya's death sentence gets cancelled while the remaining four die in the jail, three in the hands of Daya and the remaining one after hanging himself trying to escape Daya. Daya is reinstated into service and he reconciles with Shanvi and Murthy in the end.
Release Date13-February-2015
Budget₹350 million
Revenue₹743 million

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