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Taqdeer (तकदीर) 1958

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BannerNeelam Productions
ProducerD. Sohna
Orginal musicDhaniram
CinematographyR. Chitrasen
Film EditingLachmandas
Art DirectorShabab
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersGeeta Dutt,Suraiya
Karan Dewan
Madan Puri
Asha Mathur
Who can say when anybodys luck will change for the better? or worse? Some may feel that you can make your own fate by your own efforts but can you? for it is only the unseen band of God that can make or mar the success of all human endevaours. Luck played its own game in the life of MUNIM even though poor Munim was simple and God fearing. He lead a peaceful unevenful life in his village Madhopur with his family But the ways of the goddess of luck are mysterious. For when has she cared whose lives are uprooted by its caprices/ Inspite of being completely innocent he is sentenced for 20 years imprisonment. His poor wife has to take upon herself the burden of bringing up the two innocent children by workding hard and earning her livelihood. 15 year passed by the boys grew up But the caprice of the luck had not left them alone even at this stage. For the two boys left their mother to her own fate and fled to seek their own fortune. Just about this time Jagan Nath was releasted from jail and his wife had at last some relief. . In these fifteen years Seth Harprasad who was responsible for sending Jagan Nathe to jail had become a successful money Man. He had a very big suger mill from which he was earning lacs of Rupees. But inspite of all his earnings he had no peace. Because the money of is misdeeds were eating into his vitals. Luck upto her own tricks once again placed Nandu in the sugar mill as one of the employees. He raised him self by the dint of his honesty and efficiency and merit to a position of trust in the cash office. He worked hard by day and night apared no pains to earn the confidence and trust of employer The daughter of Harprasad, the owner of the sugar mill was working as a General Manager. She was very impressed by the straight forward and forthnight ways of Nandu. In course of time her likgin for him led her into her falling in love with him. In a short time her love for him became an uncontrolabel passion for him. So Seth Harprasads daughter Usha decides to choose Nandu as her partner for life. . But the manager of the sugear mill Shanker, who was also a distant relative of Seth Harprasad always consider himself consider himself to be the owner of all the property of Harprasad after him. Because at one time Harprasad had promised to Shankers fahter to make him his "CHIVAR" Shanker had taken this as the surest gorunds for his hopes. But here the fickle goddess ofluck was backing Nandu, who had now reached his zenth. But on the other hand Nandus brother Narayan was digging his own grave by his own misdeeds. Even his wife could cope with him no more and had a choice but to leave him. However, a very kind hearted Water Baily somehow tried his best to save him.
Release Date1958
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Varma Malik | Music: Dhaniram

1. Aa Dil Se Dil | आ दिल से दिल     
Voice: Geeta Dutt

2. Hawa Udakar Layi | हवा उड़कर लायी     
Voice: Suraiya

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