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Sye Aata (సై ఆట) 2010

Sye Aata_2010

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DirectorKRK Pawan
ProducerNalluri Rajasekhar
Music DirectorDevi Sri Prasad
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersDevi Sri Prasad, Rita, Megha, Andrea, Kalyan Chakravarthy, Shraddha Das
Character Actor/Actress
Durga MalleshwariCharmi
Panda MahadevAjay
Chalapathi Rao
Rao Ramesh
PanditSiva Prasad
M.S. Narayana
Rama Prabha
Kota Srinivasa Rao
Master Bharath
Shankar Babai (Kota) and Pandit (Shiva Prasad) are the rival gangsters ruling the Hyderabad. Their primary duty is to dominate over each other by killing each others team members.Durga Malleshwari (Charmi) runs a dance school in Vizag and along with her team (Omkar’s Aata participants), she arrives in Hyderabad to win the reality dance show ‘Sye Aata’ of Omkar. (Omkar made his appearance in good number of frames as childhood friend of Charmi). Omakr arranges the boarding of Durga & team besides the shared den of Shankar Babai and Pandit. Very soon, Durga impresses both the gangsters with her brave attitude. In the mean time Pandit’s son, Panda Mahadev (Ajay) falls in love with Durga and quickly Shanka Babai’s son is killed in a pub. To take revenge on Pandit for loss of his son, Shankar Babai kidnaps all the team members of Durga blackmailing her to kill both Pandit and his son Panda Mahadev.Durga accomplishes her task by not only by killing Pandit and Panda Mahadev, even she finishes Shankar Babai. What was rivalry between Durga and these gangsters? Who Durga actually is? Why did she play this ‘Sye Aata’ with villains is revaled in a final flashback which ends the movie.
Release Date13-August-2010

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