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Sneha Geetham (స్నేహ గీతం) 2010

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DirectorMadhura Sridhar Reddy
WriterMadhura Sridhar Reddy
ProducerLagadapati Sirisha Sridhar
Music DirectorSunil Kashyap
CinematographyP.G. Vinda
Film EditingLokesh Chenna
Art DirectorMadhu Rebba
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersRanjith, Prasanna, Sunil Kashyap, Karthik, Pranavi, Sai Sivani, Benny Dayal, Reeta
Character Actor/Actress
ShailuShreya Dhanwantari
Lohith Kumar
Vennela Kishore
Venu Madhav
A group of friends Arjun (Sandeep), Ravi (Venky), Krishna (Chaitanya), Shailu (Shreya Dhanwantari) and Pooja (Riya) who complete their engineering graduation from a college. Everyone had different goals in their life. Arjun wants to become a film director, and had a soft corner towards his junior Mahalakshmi(Suhani). For him his goal is important than his love. Ravi, whose parents die during his childhood, grow up with the help of some relatives, but wants to become an entrepreneur for himself and instead of seeking a job he wants to give job to others. Shailu loves him so much but hesitates to express her love as she doesn"t know what was the opinion of Ravi. Learning this, Ravi proposes her. Krishna had a typical middle-class attitude and has no big goals in his life except five digit salary, four wheeler, three knots and two children and a joyful life. He proposes to Pooja, who is in dire need of a job, to get rid of her parents who used to quarrel every now and then. However, Pooja gets poor marks because of household disturbances, but gets a chance to attend campus recruitment interview and one pervert team leader (Lohit Kumar) helps her to get a job. After joining the job, the team leader try to induce her by several ways and Pooja could not wriggle out of him and this widens the gap between Pooja and Krishna. All these friends, except Krishna, join together at Sandeep"s house for his parents" marriage anniversary. Once Pooja"s team leader makes an indecent proposal to her and Pooja goes to Krishna and blames him for misunderstanding her despite four years of friendship. They both go to the team leader and thrash him and Pooja gets rid of the job and gets a job with the firm where Krishna was working. Shailu also tells her parents about her love with Ravi and Ravi goes straight to Shailu"s parents that his aim was to become an entrepreneur and not just do a routine 10 to 5 job. Shailu"s parents appreciate Ravi and agree to wait till he reaches the goal. So, the only one that remains idle is Arjun. He also tries his best but could not achieve his goal in the prescribed one year period set by his father. So, he forces him to go to US for higher studies. Watch the film to know what happens in the end.

Release Date16-July-2010


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