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Sivapuram (శివపురం) 2007


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BannerLakshmi Ganapathi Films
DirectorSantosh Sivan
WriterSunil Parameswaran
ProducerB.Subrahmanyam , Y.Rupesh
Music DirectorM.G.Radhakrishnan
CinematographySantosh Sivan
Film EditingSreekar Prasad, Sai Krishna
Art DirectorSunil Babu
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersM.G.Srikumar, Manjari, Harini, Vijay Yesudas, Jassie Gift
Character Actor/Actress
BalaKavya Madhavan
SambaKalabhavan Mani
DigambarManoj K Jayan
Raima Sen
Cochin Haneefa
Biju Menon
Sivapuram is a peculiar village. The people there believe that the Naga Devatas are safeguarding their village. However, one sorcerer performs tapassu and earns some evil powers. With the help of those powers, he secures a ring belonged to Naga Devata. The same village has a priest, who believes in God, tries to put an end to the evil designs of that sorcerer. But, according to the Sastras, a girl from the priest's family could help secure the 'Naga Manikyam'. Those who possess the Naga Manikyam could become a super power. The sorcerer attempts to kidnap the girl called Gayatri (Revati) in order to grab that gem, but the priest attacks him and kills him. The sorcerer before breathing his last gives the ring he procured to his grandson Digambar (Manoj K Jayan) and tells him to secure the Naga Manikyam and also take revenge against the priest family.

As per the tradition, the daughter of the priest's family should be made 'Devata' by offering herself to the Naga Devata. Just before the traditional ceremony, Gayatri elopes with her lover and after marrying he leaves for the US. She has a strong ambition to light 1000 lights in the Naga Devata temple, but dies even before fulfilling her wish. Her son Anand (Prithviraj) decides to fulfill her wish and perform the last rites at Sivapuram. Digambar continues the sorcery done by his grandfather and waits for time to grab the Naga Manikyam. However, another girl in the family Bala Tripura Sundari alias Bala's help is needed to grab the Naga Manikyam. However, Anand and Bala fall in love with each other. Digambar decides to eliminate the family of the priest and uses his evil power and enters into the body of Anand through Parakaya Pravesam. However, he could not succeed in his attempt as Padma, sister of an expert in martial arts Samba (Kalabhavan Mani), foils the bid by sacrificing her chastity to keep Digambar off Brahmacharya, and of course gets killed by him. Finally, Digambar dies in the hands of Samba and the film ends on a happy note.
Release Date07-September-2007

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