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Shatranj (शतरंज) 1956

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BannerRevati Production
DirectorGyan Mukherjee
ProducerGyan Mukherjee
Orginal musicC. Ramachandra
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersLata Mangeshkar,hemanth kumar
Ashok Kumar
Meena Kumari
Rajendra Nath Malhotra
Jagdish Sethi
Leela Mishra
Nana Palsikar
The wealth and position of Pratap Chandra Chaudhary, the big coal mine owner was not only built on the coal that was dug out from underground but on sin equally black. But his crime was never detected by law and he flourished. . To drive his Rolls Royce, a sign of his opulence, a driver was appointed. His daughter Sandhya found this driver strange. He did not talk like any driver that she had seen before. He looked like a gentleman, talked like a gentleman and he fascinated her. . For a long time Sandhyas resentment against her father for his maltreatment had been growing. This new driver fanned the embers into a roaring fire that consumed all her fears till the meek and shy Sandhya dared to revolt against her father. She ran away from home and when she came back she was the lawfully wedded wife of the driver. Arrogant and proud Choudhary could not stand the humiliation and when he learned the real identity of the driver the shock killed him. . . Who was this extraordinary driver ? Did he love Sandhya or did he marry her because he wanted some thing else? Perhaps it was Sandhyas fate that she would have to pay heavily for her fathers sins. And how she paid it, you will know in "Satranj".
Release Date1956
Awards: Unknown.
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Lyrics:Rajinder Krishan  | Voice:Lata Mangeshkar,hemanth kumar | Music:C. Ramachandra

1. Badli Mein Chhupe | बदली में छुपे     

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