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Shararat (शरारत) 2002

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DirectorGurudev Bhalla
WriterUrmi Juvekar
ProducerGurudev Bhalla
Production executiveSuraj Bhalla
Orginal musicBabloo Chakraborty
CinematographyApurba Kishore Bir
Film EditingSanjay Sankla
Art DirectorSameer Chanda
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Talat Aziz, KK , Hariharan, Anupama
CharacterActor / Actress
Rahul KhannaAbhishek Bachchan
Neha SenguptaHrishitaa Bhatt
PrajapatiAmrish Puri
Vikram SaxenaMohnish Bahl
Anuradha MathurHelen
DCP Bhosle Om Puri
AroraAshish Vidyarthi
Gajanan DesaiA.K. Hangal
SaifuddinTinnu Anand
Mrs.Chitra GujralDaisy Irani
Mr. GujralDara Singh
Shanta DeshpandeShubha Khote
Keshav DeshpandeViju Khote
Nandini KhannaNavni Parihar
Niranjan KhannaRomesh Sharma
Judge K. R. P. MurthyAnjan Srivastav
Gajanan's sonRajendranath Zutshi
Gajanan's daughter-in-lawIravati Harshe
Kailash OzaPratap Oza
Anuradha's sonYatin Karyekar
SubramaniamK.D. Chandran
Traffic Officer PandeyJaved Khan
Niranjan and Nandini Khanna are very wealthy and live a luxurious life. They have an only son, Rahul Khanna, who has nothing but time on his hands and is bent upon getting into mischief and trouble with the law by racing in his sports car with his close buddies. Usually, he finds his way out by bribing traffic cops. Rahul's luck runs out one time when he wrecks several vehicles while speeding. This time the offense is too serious and he is arrested. DCP Bhosle wants Rahul to do time, but reporter Neha Sengupta wants a unique punishment for Rahul: to do community service in an home for senior citizens. Judge K.R.P. Murthy likes the idea of this unique sentence, and sentences an unrepenting Rahul to a senior citizen's home out in the country. Nandini would prefer that Rahul do the time, and has no reservations of him serving this sentence. Sparks fly when Rahul is introduced to the residents of the senior citizens' home. He refuses to assist anyone, until Prajapati, one of the residents there, decides to call the judge and have Rahul arrested for violation of his sentence. Rahul reluctantly agrees to carry out his sentence, which means waking up early and having a daily routine that includes interacting with the home's residents. Neha convinces her editor that she too would like to stay at the senior citizens' home to document the effect it has on Rahul. Days pass, and Rahul cannot wait for the end of his sentence. The residents find that they can control Rahul to a certain extent. Then the lives of the residents and Rahul himself are changed when the the Manager, Vikram Saxena, together with Mr. Arora, his assistant, inform the residents that the home is going to be demolished to make way for a new construction.
Release date12-Jul-02
Awards: Unknown
Not Available


Lyrics: Sameer | Music: Sajid-Wajid

1. Dil Kehta Hai | दिल केहता है     
Voice: Sonu Nigam

2. Eik Ladki Mujhe | एइक लड़की मुझे     
Voice: Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik

3. Kuch Tum Kaho | कुछ तुम कहो     
Voice: Sonu Nigam

4. Mastana Albela | मस्ताना अलबेला     
Voice: Hariharan

5. Mehki Hawaon Mein | मेहकी हवाओं में     
Voice: Sonu Nigam, KK

6. Na Kisi Ki Aankh Ka | न किसी की आँख का     
Voice: Talat Aziz

7. Yeh Main Kahan | यह मैं कहाँ     
Voice: Hariharan, Anupama, Sonu Nigam

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