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Shankarabharanam (శంకరాభరణం) 2015


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BannerMVV Cinema
DirectorUday Nandanavanam
WriterKona Venkat
ProducerM.V.V. Sathyanarayana
Music DirectorPraveen Lakkaraju
CinematographySai Sriram
Film EditingChota K. Prasad
Art DirectorChinna
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersThaman SS,Rahul Nambiar, Lipsika,Rahul Sipligunj,Baba Sehgal,Uma Neha,Karthik, Ramya Behara,Hema Chandra, Nutana
Character Actor/Actress
GautamNikhil Siddharth
Nanditha Raj
Raghu Babu
Krishna Bhagavan
Nandita Raj
Prudhvi Raj
Sampath Raj
Satyam Rajesh
Rao Ramesh
Shankarabharanam is the story of Nikhil (gautham) who is a born millionaire. His father (Suman) suffers huge losses in business because of his partners and decides to commit suicide. His mother has a palace in Bihar which can save his father from coming out of his financial debts. Nikhil then moves to Bihar where his mother’s family stays in the palace. He first tries to sell Shankarabharanam Palace but later on after the overwhelming love, he quits the plan of selling the property. Many dacoit gangs make trails to kidnap Nikhil and earn big after which Nikhil traps each gang to finally get out of Bihar solving all his problems. The rest of the movie is how he faced cold blooded dacoits and saved his family from troubles.
Release Date04-December-2015

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