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Shabab (शबाब) 1954

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BannerSadiq Productions Ltd
DirectorM. Sadiq
WriterAzm Bazidpuri
ProducerM. Sadiq
Orginal musicNaushad Ali
CinematographyRatanlal Nagar
Film EditingMoosa Mansoor
Art DirectorAbdul Majid
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersLata Mangeshkar,Mohammed Rafi
Bharat Bhushan
Shyam Kumar
Badri Prasad
Yashodra Katju
Asant Kumar
It is written in the stars beauty is but temporal, while love lasts upto all eternity. . And this is the truth on which our story is based. Long ago and far away, in the land of bright stars and sunny skies, of deserts and the osis a caravan of a Prince was crossing the sandy wastes. . All at once, a horde of brigands swooped down on their peaceful journey. There was bloodshed and slaughter. . Not one survived. But there remained a lonely child, son of the Prince clinging to the dead body of his mother. . From afar off, a poor dhobi was witness to this scene of carnage. He took the boy to his heart as he would a son, and brought him to his home. . The boy was truly a gem and so they named him Rattan and apprenticed him to a great Musician. Rattan grew into a handsome youth. On the winas of youth he brought love and music which lit up Lakhia dhobis house and all the villages around it. . Now in the land there was a King who had a lovely daughter Ragini. The Princess suffered from a curious malady. There was no sleep for her. . All cures were in vain everything was tried and failed. In desparatin the King sent his unfortunate daughter to a holy place. . Here the Princess got enligtement she must treat the malady with music From far and near, from the four corners of the land came the greatest musicians who thought that in their music lay the music that would bring solace and slumber to the eyes of the Princess. . But in vain. None of them could achieve the magic cure. It was not long before this news reached the ears of the young Rattan, who took his melodies with him and entered the palace. . His songs flowed forth to reveal their hidden magic and behold, a sluberous spell crept over the eyelids of the affilicted princess. . The malady of the body had left Princess Ragini at last only to make way for a hundred maladies of the heart. . The flames of love sprang upto consume them both. Gradually they forgot the world and came closer to one another. . When the Dewan learned of this, he carred the tale to the Kings ears. All was over for the lovers. Freedom was denied the princess and she was denied the princess and she was given in marriage to a stranger. . Nursing a lacerated heart young Rattan returned despondent to his home Seeing him thus,his father was beside himself with giref. . Here, he, who had given life was loosing it. There, she who had brought laughter ot his lips, now wept. . To give him life again the poor dhobi took Rattan to the place where she was. Once more the mthe came close to the flame....
Release Date1954
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni  | Music:Naushad Ali

1. Jogan Ban Jaungi Saiyan | जोगन बन जाउंगी सैयां     
Voice:Lata Mangeshkar

2. Marna Teri Gali Mein | मरना तेरी गली में     
Voice:Lata Mangeshkar

3. Man Ki Been Matwari Baje | मन की बीन मतवारी बजे     
Voice:Lata Mangeshkar,Mohammed Rafi

4. Lagi More Man Ki | लगी मोरे मन की     
Voice:Shamshad Begum

5. Jo Main Janti | जो मैं जानती     
Voice:Lata Mangeshkar

6. Aaye Na Balam | आये न बालम     
Voice:Mohammed Rafi

7. Chandan Ka Palna | चन्दन का पलना     
Voice:Lata Mangeshkar,Hemant Kumar

8. Mehlon Mein Rahne Wale | महलों में रहने वाले     
Voice:Mohammed Rafi

9. Mar Gaye Ham Jeete | मर गए हम जीते     
Voice:Lata Mangeshkar

10. Yehi Armaan Lekar | येही अरमान लेकर     
Voice:Mohammed Rafi

11. Bhagat Ke Bas Mein | भगत के बस में     
Voice:Manna Dey

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