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Prema Kavali (ప్రేమ కావాలి) 2011

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BannerMax India Productions
DirectorK.Vijaya Bhaskar
WriterK.Vijaya Bhaskar
ProducerK Atchi Reddy
Music DirectorAnoop Rubens
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersBenny Dayal, Vijay Prakash, Ranjith, Shreya Ghoshal, Anuj, Anjana Soumya, Kay Kay, Chitra
Character Actor/Actress
PremaIsha Chawla
TagoreDev Gill
Chain RajaAli
Sindhu Tolani
Prema (Isha Chawla) is the darling daughter of an honest and strict police officer (Nassar) but she is currently being blackmailed by one person (Shafi). Prema’s tension catches the eye of her sister-in-law (Sindhu Tolani) and this reveals a flashback. The story is about Srinu (Aadi), Prema’s classmate and his love for her. However, Prema doesn’t respond to his love feelings but becomes friends with him. But in an unexpected situation, Srinu kisses Prema and this makes her hate Srinu and that becomes the cause of her worries. Those photos are used by the blackmailer saying that he would mail them to her father. This makes Prema's sister-in-law go to Srinu's Home in Khammam, where Srinu returns from Training of N.C.C.. He after listening the whole story, vows to solve all the problems and goes to Hyderabad.

Though initially it becomes difficult to Srinu to investigate, Srinu later appoints a Chain Snatcher named Chain Raja (Ali) and tells him to follow her and give the updates. Meanwhile it is revealed to the Audience that the actual man behind this Blackmail is Tagore (Dev Gill), a Dreaded Mafia Don who wants a Terrorist released from the Prison on the orders of Terrorist groups, whose Incharge is Prema's Father. Then Chain Raja watches Prema carrying a sum of Money to an Old house where the Blackmailer is in disguise. He takes the sum of money, gives the photos, and Cleverly gets the password of Prema's father's e-mail ID through which the Terrorist's Imprisonment details are held. Before Tagore's Henchmen would snatch the photos from Prema, Srinu saves her and they Burn the Photos.

Later, Prema starts Loving Srinu and Tagore implements an Escape plan to make the Terrorist get released from the Prison. The whole blame is on Prema's father and he confronts Prema which makes her Confess the truth. Being the person loving her and as an N.C.C. trainee, Srinu dares to chase Tagore and the Terrorist. In a fight Srinu kills Tagore and The Terrorist is sent to Police Custody. Later Srinu goes to the place where he kissed Prema and finds her waiting for him. The film ends with a scene featuring Srinu and Prema confess their love for each other.
Release Date25-February-2011

Hyderabad Times award 2011:

Promising Newcomer Male

CineMAA Awards:

Best Debut Actor of 2012

Filmfare Awards South:

Best Male Debut - South of 2011



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