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Pedda Manushulu (పెద్ద మనుషులు) 1954

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BannerVahini Productions
DirectorKadri Venkata Reddy
WriterD.V. Narasaraju, Kosaraju
ProducerB. Nagi Reddy
Music DirectorOgirala Ramachandrarao, Addepalli Ramarao
CinematographyKonda Reddy B.N.
Film EditingM.S. Mani
Art DirectorA.K. Sekhar
Cemara Operator
Assistant Cemaraman
Playback Singers P.Leela, Ghantasala, V.J.Varma, Jikki, Pithapuram Nageswararao, Madhavapeddi Satyam
CharacterActor / Actress
Tikka ShankaraiahRelangi
Newspaper EditorMudigonda Lingamurthy
Dharma RaoJandhyala
Gowrinatha Sastry
A V Subba Rao
Kutumba Rao
The main characters in the film are in the public service, most of them in corrupt, negative roles, and there are many villains instead of one main villain. Dharma Rao (Gowrinatha Sastry) is the Chairman of the municipality. The municipal contractor, a local businessman, and his associates make up the rest of the corrupt cast. They use their influence for their own personal ends in secret. The municipal counsellor, however, Ramadasu (Lingamurthy), who is also a newspaper editor, is honest and uncorrupted. What happens to all these characters makes up the plot of the movie.
Release date11-March-1954
This was the first Telugu film to receive a Rashtrapati Award.

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