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Paristan (परिस्तान) 1957

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BannerSharad Production
DirectorDhirubhai Desai
WriterRaja Mahendi Ali Khan
ProducerSharad Desai
Orginal music S.N.Tripathi
CinematographyM. Vinayak Kamath
Film EditingB.K. Mistry
Art DirectorN.B. Kulkarni, V.R. Karekar
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Saleem Raza
CharacterActor / Actress
P. Kailash
Lalita Pawar
Zain-ul-Maluk, Monarch of Sharikistan, when last his eyesight was told about a flower of Bakavli available in Fairy Land. . Junior Queen, due to Jealousy caused the Senior Queen imprisoned wish- ing her own tinage to access to the throne. . Taj, the son of Senior Queen was inherint of the throne. Naturally his step-brothers were his staunch enemies, who to win the favour of the blind King pledged to fetch the much coveted flower. . Taj, in the meanwhile was being brought up under the auspices of a God fearing and God loving saint, met the King on his birthday and promised too, to bring the flower. Baidil and Thumari accompanied him. . All the brothers meet in a jungle. Step brother, making best of the time throw Taj in a well, who excavated by his mohter. The step- brothers were enslaved too. Taj also approaches her hearing that Baiswas was in possession of the secret of the flower. . On account of Baidil and Thumaris efforts her secret of winning is disclosed and Taj in disguise wins her whereupon Lakhi inveils the secret of the flower but she herself looses her senses on the spot. . Step brothers assays the mountainbut turn to be asses. Taj enters in Paristan successfully winning the heart of Bakavli the fair Queen of flower and defeats Paishwa of Paristan and brings with him the flower of Bakavli for his blind father who with one touch of the flower recourse his eyesight. . In the way Bakavli while coming with Taj stays at Lakhis house who also gets back her lost sense with the touch of the flower. . Taj and King forgive his brothers and sons and Taj married Bakavli. All live in Jubbilee and lead a happy life.
Release date1957
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Raja Mahendi Ali Khan | Music: S.N.Tripathi

1. Udas Hai Dil Nazar | उदास है दिल नज़र     
Voice: Saleem Raza

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