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Nuvvu Nenu Prema (నువ్వు నేను ప్రేమ) 2006

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BannerStudio Green
DirectorN. Krishna
ProducerK.E. Gnanavel
Music Director A.R. Rahman
CinematographyR.D. Rajasekhar
Film EditingAnthony
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSayanora, Keroleesa, Aslam, Krishna, S.P.B. Cheran , Shreya Ghoshal, A.R. Rahman
CharacterActor / Actress
Bhumika Chawla
Tambi Ramayya
Costume Krishna
Baby Shreya
Village girl Vaishnavi (played by Jyothika) has modern thoughts and wants to marry a boy after loving him. Her friends were able to marry the boys with whom they fall in love, but luck doesn't appear to favor her as opportunities doesn't come for her. Vaishnavi finally settles for an arranged marriage with Gautham (played by Suriya). Her father arranges the marriage.

Gautham looks moody during the marriage but post-marriage, the life goes off well and they couple settles in Mumbai with their daughter. Gautham gets a job in a popular automobile company selling cars while Vaishnavi also gets a job in a firm. One day, Gautham gets an insult from an engineer during a seminar, who calls him a mechanic.

Irked over the incident, Gautham takes it a challenge and prepares an engine design which gives more mileage on Indian roads. He gets an opportunity to give a demo in the US. While Gautham is away from home, Vaishnavi happens to see an old diary written by Gautham, through which she learns that her husband had already loved a girl called Aishwarya (played by Bhoomika), daughter of an MP (Costumes Krishna) when he was a student and also married her.

But Aishwarya's father takes her away immediately after their marriage as he did not like the alliance. Aishwarya's father sends her to Australia. After the failure in love and marriage, Gautham marries Vaishnavi. In the diary, Gautham writes that he could not spend at least one day with her.

Learning about this, Vaishnavi tries to meets Aishwarya and even invites her to their home. Vaishnavi, takes her daughter with her, leaving Aishwarya and Gautham alone to enjoy the day which he wanted. Though she leaves her home, she could not resist herself, as she could not even dream of her husband sharing the bed with some other.

She returns home, only to find a letter from Aishwarya that she could not stay not even for the whole day and spent only one hour in their home. In that one hour, she claims that 40 minutes passed off silently, 10 minutes for trying to convince Gautham to talk and in the remaining 10 minutes of talk Gautham talked only about Vaishnavi. So, with a relieved feeling that her lover is in safe and lovely hand of Vaishnavi, Aishwarya left the place. With this the film ends on a happy note. The film attempted to give multiple messages. Firstly, it says that love is not just a spontaneous feeling, but the understanding of two souls. Secondly, it teaches us that true love fails due to social pressures. Thirdly, it teaches that even compromised souls too get a reprieve in life at later stages.
Release date23-February-2007
Awards: Unknown.

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