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Noor Mahal (नूर महल) 1954

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BannerShah Pictures
DirectorNanubhai B. Vakil
ProducerRamniklal N. Shah
Orginal musicNaushad Ali
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersMohammed Rafi,Lata Mangeshkar,Shamshad Begum
Kum Kum
The story of NOOR MAHAL is based on the Arabian Nights. The object of the story is to entertain as well as to eduacte-"Reap what you sow". Thousands of years ago the King of Iran ALIRUDDIN, seeing his son quite grown up, invested in him ( prince KAMRULZAMAN) the judiciary powers. Once Prince Qamar came across a womans case of Infidelity, and he became so enraged over the unfaithfullness of the woman that he sentenced her for the Capital punishment, and from the same day he began to hate the womankind as a rule. . Shah of China had sent a message to the King of Iran regarding the marriage of his daughter NOOR MAHAL with prince Qamar. Shah of Iran consulted his son, who spurned the idea of the marriage and threw away the photo of princess Noor Mahal. Shah got enraged and ordered the prince to be imprisoned in the Black Fort. . Princess Noor Mahal also met with a similar fate as she had also refused to marry Prince Qamar her father choice, Amongst the fragments of one of them appeared a fairy named MEMOON PARI. Seeing her alive alive Qamar asked her to go away in insulting way as she was a woman . Memoon Parl in order to to give him a lesson disappeared and reached China. While at the fort at China Noor Mahal was noticed by a demon named KALADEV, who appeared before her in Human form and exprressed his love. Noor Mahal seeing the Ghost screamed and fainted. Just at that moment Memoon Pari appeared and rebuked Kala dev and carried away Noor Mahal. She placed her bed near the Prince Qumars bed. Noor Mahal soon recognised in him the Prince of her dreams, and she was overjoyed When Qamar saw her, he was bewitched by the beauty and grace of the Princess. They became sad when they came to know that they were the choice of their parents, whom they had refused to marry. Now in taken of a vow to live together and never seperate, they exchanged their rings. But Memoon Pari again seperated them by taking away Noor Mahal to China. Next morning they began to search each other. Prince Quamar became mad for Noor Mahal. When he saw Memoon Pari he realised his mistake and repented. He requested her to show some way out, so that he may find his beloved. Memoon Pari made an opening in the wall of the Fort and advised Qamar to go to China and meet Noor Mahal. . Noor Mahal had also became desperate to meet Prince Qamar, she fill ill. Seeing the condition of her daughter the Queen consulted Hakims and brought her back to the Palace. The Hakim advised the KIng to get her married very soon. The shahs choice at the request of his courtiers fell on Vazir. Noor Mahal when heard of this message escaped away and wended her way towards Iran. When Prince Qamar and Princess Noor Mahal both wandering in search of each other, were about to be reunited. Kala Dev stood in their way and carried her a..w..a..y ..??? . By Kaladevs charm shah fell ill and prince was sent away to bring Abe Hayat. Kaladev carried away NOOR MAHAL but Prince returned with Abe Hayat, followed amd killed Kaladev. Shah regained his health by Abe Hayat, Prince & Princess were marred and all were happily reunited

Release Date1954
Awards: Unknown.
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Lyrics:Shakeel Badayuni  | Music: Naushad Ali

1. Lara Loo Lara Loo | लारा लू लारा लू     
Voice: Shamshad Begum

2. Ulajh Gaya Jiya | उलझ गया जिया     

Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

3. Thandi Sadak Ki | ठंडी सड़क की     

Voice: Shamshad Begum

4. Nadan Mohabbat | नादाँ मोहब्बत     

Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

5. Roop Ki Dushman | रूप की दुश्मन     
Voice: Shamshad Begum

6. Ab Raat Milan Ki | अब रात मिलन की     
Voice: Mohammed Rafi

7. Lelo Lelo Do Phool | लेलो लेलो दो फूल     
Voice: Shamshad Begum,Mohammed

8. Lo Pyar Ki Ho Gayi Jeet | लो प्यार की हो गयी जीत     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

9. Pyar Ke Sagar Se | प्यार के सागर से     
Voice: Mohammed Rafi

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