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Nayan moni (নয়ন মনি) 1989

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BannerM. N. Productions
DirectorSachin Adhikari
Orginal musicBappi Lahiri
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers
Tapas Pal
Debashree Roy
Master Bittu
Manoj Mitra
Dipankar Dey
This story is about Nayan and Moni, both are from a lower middle class family from the village Ratanpur. Nayan goes to visit a mela, meets Moni, and falls in love. Moni's father Sunder goes to Calcutta to see his only grand daughter. Moni goes to a function, sings a song and wins the first prize. Famous music director Bappi Lahiri promises to give him a chance to sing. Nayan's father comes to know about the relation between Nayan and Moni and is angry. Moni and Nayan get married in a mandir. Moni becomes a famous singer and wants to go Bombay to become a playback singer. He needs 5,000 rupees to go to Bombay but he doesn't have the money. Nayan sells her jewellery and gives Moni 5,000 rupees .Moni leaves for Bombay by train and the train meets with an accident. Every body thinks that Moni is dead but he is saved but lost his memory. Naren comes to know about Moni, that he is alive. They go to the hospital and there they see Moni. Finally Nayan and Moni meet again.
Release Date1989
Awards: Unknown.
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Music: Bappi Lahiri

1. Tumi Amar Noyon Go | তুমি আমার নয়ন গ     

2. Tumi Amar Noyon Go (Asha) | তুমি আমার নয়ন গ (আশা)     

3. Boro Manusher | বড় মানুষের     

4. Onjoli Aaj Dilam | অঞ্জলি আজ দিলাম     

5. Ami Shilpi Hote Chai | আমি শিল্পী হতে চাই     

6. Mori Mori Shundori | মরি মরি সুন্দরী     

7. Joto Shohoje | যত সহজে     

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