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Navratri (नवरात्री) 1955

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BannerBhagyodaya Pictures
DirectorRaman B. Desai
WriterPandit Girish,Natwar Shyam
ProducerRavjibhai J. Patel
Orginal musicRaman Desai
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersAsha Bhosle,Mohammed Rafi
Nirupa Roy
Lalita Pawar
Kum Kum
Manhar Desai
Niranjan Sharma
Mahishasoor, the mighty Demon-King had spread a reign of terror in every nook and corner of the world. Blood of innocent people flowed like water. There was no safety of person of property. Religion and chastity of women were in jeopardy, every moment, at the hands of the vulture-like Rakshasas. People were cowed down, as the hands of the beastly tyrant had crushed all opposition. All the vanquished Kings and Princes cowardly accepted his alavery to save their lives. Prince Shatrughna was the only exception. For not accepting his sovereignty he was ordered to be killed by throwing down from a hill-top. But he excaped bravely. . Saranyu, the beautiful and daring daughter of Mahamuni Twashta had undertaken the task of spreading the spirit of revolt against the oppressive rule of Mahish. But as fate would have it, Mahish happened to see her one day and her charming beauty captured his heart. He proposed to make her his queen and on her declining that offer, tried to molest her. Luckily, however, Prince Shatrughna arrived at the nick of time and saved her honour. Cupids dart struck the young herarts of Saranyu and Shatrughna. But they preferred to dedicate their lives to the service of the prople and some how bring about the destructuon of Mahish. . The fragrance of saranyus brauty had reached even the celestial heights of Swarga-lok. And Devraj Indra, personally went to Mahamuni Twashta to request for her hand. But the splendour and riches of even Indra-lok had no attraction for Sranyu. She rejected Indras offer too . Mahish sent his soleiers to abduct Saranyu forcibly, But before they could succeed. Indra took her away. This enraged Mahish so much that he ordered to invade Swarga, immediately. But Narad Muni advised him to first acquire superior strength than Indra, by performing Tapasya. . When saranyu refused to marry him, Indra tried to fulfil his desire by force-but Shachidevi, Indras wife, interrupted him and sent her back to her fathers Ashram. . Mahish pleased Brahma by his penace, and obtained a boon of vertual immortality from him viz. No one, except a woman, could kill him in the three worlds. Intoxicated by this boon, he proclaimed himself as God-issued a fiat to worship none but him and mercilessly persecuted and put to death thousands of devotees who persisted in worshipping Lord vishnu, shanker and Goddess Adya Shakti, in defiance of his orders. . Suloma, the kind-hearted queen of Mahishasoor several times tried to persuade and prevent Mahish from the path of sin-but to no purpoe. He incaded Swarga-lok also, defeated Indra in a war and humiliated him as well as Indrani, by inhuman tortures. . In the meantime, Mahamuni Twashta had married Saranyu to prince Shatrughna. But Mahish had, still, not forgotten Saranyu. He got her kidnapped just on her wedding night. When Saranyu did not yield to his several tactics-mahish blinede Mahamuni Twashtas eyes with hot iron bars, in her presence and also killed her husband, before her eyes. But the true Sati, as she was, Saranyu remained firm in her pious resolve. . Then from the Lights of all the Gods-Goddess Durga was born. See on the silver screen, how Bhagwati Durga Mata kills the proud Mahishasoor how she revives Sati Saranyus husband to life, how the blind Mahamuni Twashta regains his lost eyesight and how Suloma sacrifices her life for a just and boble cause.
Release Date1955
Awards: Unknown.
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Lyrics:  Bharat Vyas | Music:Raman Desai

1. Ambe Tu Hai Jagdambe Kali | आंबे तू है जगदम्बे कलि      
|Voice: Asha Bhosle,Mohammed Rafi

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