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Nanna (నాన్న) 2011


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BannerWellfare Creations
DirectorAL Vijay
ProducerDr. Malla Vijaya Prasad & Santosham Suresh
Music DirectorG.V. Prakash Kumar
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersChiyaan Vikram, Saindhavi, S.P.Balu, Maya, Rajesh, Shringa.S, G.V.Prakash Kumar, Kalyan, Navir Lyer
Character Actor/Actress
Nila KrishnaBaby Sara
SwethaAmala Paul
Krishna (Vikram) is a worker in a home made chocolate company in Avalanchi, near Ooty. Krishna is a differently abled person, suffering with Delayed Milestone Syndrome. Though he is a grown up man, his mental maturity is that of a six year old boy. A wealthy man's social-service oriented daughter Bhanumathi loves Krishna and they both get married against the wish of her parents.
Bhanu develops complications during delivery and dies after giving birth to a girl child. Krishna names the baby Vennela and brings her up very affectionately. Vennela is also very fond of her father. Krishna admits her in to a school, where she befriends school's correspondent Swathi. She turns out to be Vennela's maternal aunt. Swathi informs her father about Bhanu's death and Vennela. Swetha's father comes over to Avalanchi and takes along Vennela and Krishna to Visakhapatnam. On the way, he plays a trick and takes away Vennela with him, leaving Krishna on the road. Stranded Krishna somehow reaches a court in Visakhapatnam and happens to meet Anuradha (Anushka), who is Lawyer. Rest of the story unfolds how Anuradha helped Krishna to get back his daughter Vennela.
Release Date15-July-2011

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