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London Dreams (लंडन ड्रीम्स) 2009

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BannerBlockbuster Movie Entertainers, Eros International
DirectorVipul Amrutlal Shah
WriterSuresh Nair
ProducerVipul Amrutlal Shah
Production executiveA. Shah Aashin
Music DirectorShankar Ehsaan Loy
CinematographySejal Shah
Film EditingAmitabh Shukla
Art DirectorSyd Harvey
Camera OperatorAnil Akki
Assistant CameramenAlfie Biddle
Playback SingersVishal Dadlani, Roop Kumar Rathod, Feroz Khan, K. Mohan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shankar Mahadevan, Milind Ingale, Abhijit Ghoshal, Zubeen Garg
CharacterActor / Actress
Zoheb Hayaat KhanAditya Roy Kapoor
Manjeet 'Mannu' Khosla Salman Khan
Arjun Ajay Devgn
Mr. Khosla Om Puri
PasserbyLee Nicholas Harris
Sima - The ReporterGoldy Notay
Airline PilotChris Wilson
MariaMandi Sidhu
Wasim Hayaat KhanRannvijay Singh
Bhatinda ResidentManoj Pahwa
SimonPaul Gregory
Pole dancerRoxanne Gregory
PaparazziJohnny Lynch
Rock fan, person on a queueDilyana Bouklieva
Brinda Parekh
ReporterSonu Louis
Miss Record ExecutiveTara Dixon
Babsy Artner
ReporterRobert Karn
GroupieLauren Surridge
Ashley Martins
DancerTom Gribby
Security GuardJohn Banks
ReceptionistTeodora Beric
Police SergeantChris Mansfield
PaparazziLaurence Richardson
The story revolves around two childhood friends Arjun (played by Ajay Devgn) and Mannu (played by Salman Khan). Arjun wants to become a music star, so he inadvertently asks God for his father's death. When he and his uncle move to London, Arjun runs away.
Arjun creates a fledgling band with Zoheb and Wasim (Rannvijay Singh and Aditya Roy Kapoor respectively), two brothers who duped their relatives in Pakistan to travel to London in pursuit of their musical aspirations. He also brings aboard Priya (played by Asin), a music enthusiast from a conservative South Indian family. Back in India, Mannu seduces married women and finds himself in debt with the locals.
After paying Mannu's debt, Mannu goes to London to join Arjun's band, but becomes more popular with the crowds. Mannu also flirts with Priya, who is earlier shown to have been flirting with Arjun.
The band embarks on a three-city tour spanning Paris, Rome and Amsterdam where Arjun deceives a naive Mannu into a rollercoaster ride of promiscuous sex and illicit drugs. He tricks him, gets him addicted to drugs, and then gets him arrested in a car full of them. While pretending to help Mannu, Arjun leaks the drug story to the press. As the three-city tour concludes, the band heads to London to perform at Wembley Stadium in front of an audience estimated at 90,000 (which is of significance since, earlier in the movie, the viewer is told that Arjun's grandfather had failed before a similar audience). Knowing how important this is for Arjun, Mannu tries to give up drugs. But Arjun decides that his success and Mannu's total failure are related. He pays a girl to pretend to have oral sex with Mannu, which makes Priya break up with Mannu. In this fragile state, Zoheb pushes Mannu toward drugs again so that he can't come on stage.
In the moments leading up to the stage entrance, Mannu comes to senses and chooses the righteous path and runs to support his mate. But Arjun, who has become incensed with the crowd chanting Mannu's name, confesses his envy of Mannu's talent and what he did to finish Mannu off. The audience boos Arjun, the band breaks up and a sad Mannu goes back to his village.
Arjun's uncle (Om Puri), advises him to apologize to Mannu. Then it is revealed that after knowing the truth Priya and Mannu reconcile. Also, she marries Mannu and lives with him in his village. In the village, however, Mannu tells him not to apologize saying that it was his fault that he didn't see Arjun's sorrow and Priya also pardons Arjun for his wrong deeds. They get back together and London Dreams becomes a successful band again.
Release dateOctober 30, 2009
Awards: Unknown.


Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi | Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy

1. Barson Yaaron | बरसों यारों     
Voice: Vishal Dadlani, Roop Kumar Rathod

2. Mann Ko Ati Bhavey | मनन को अति भावे     
Voice: Shankar Mahadevan

3. Tapkey Masti | टपके मस्ती     
Voice: Feroz Khan

4. Khanabadosh | खानाबदोश     
Voice: K. Mohan

5. Khwab Jo | ख्वाब जो     
Voice: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shankar Mahadevan

6. Yaari Bina | यारी बिना     
Voice: Roop Kumar Rathod, Milind Ingale

7. Jashn Hai Jeet Ka | जश्न है जीत का     
Voice: Abhijit Ghoshal

8. Shola Shola | शोला शोला     
Voice: Zubeen Garg

9. Khanabadosh (Remix) | खानाबदोश     
Voice: K. Mohan

10. Mann Ko Ati Bhavey (Remix) | मनन को अति भावे     
Voice: Shankar Mahadevan

11. Tapkey Masti (Remix) | टपके मस्ती     
Voice: Feroz Khan

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