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Lal Kunwar (लाल कुंवर) 1952

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BannerN.V.M. Productions
DirectorRavindra Deve
ProducerN.V. Mungrey
Orginal musicBurman
CinematographyG. Singh
Film EditingJ.S. Diwadkar,S.E. Chandiwale
Art DirectorPurshotam V. Naik
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Suraiya
CharacterActor / Actress
Nasir Khan
Durga Khote
Usha Kiran
These word were spoken by a Shaitan about LALKUNWAR. But what is a "SHAITAN?" . The word "SHAITAN" Stir all minds. It creates an abhorrence for the person who is addressed thus because of the overpowering EVIL standing out triumphant over the GOOD in him. . The common frustration of every life piled one over the other or a single grudge surreptitiouly nurtured, grow up to such overwhelming proportions as to unbalance the rational and unleash the "SHAITAN" in the man. The EVIL stalks rampant and we hear of murders, loot, abductions and other such evils. Nothing can repress "SHAITAN"; punishments stir up the EVIL in him the "SHAITAN" is destroyed through his own EVIL. But sometimes the "SHAITAN" is fortunate enough to come in direct contact with "GOOD". The "GOOD" which is born out of "TRUE LOVE", the strongest of emotions which never destoys anything but builds; which never demands but gives, fully and freely and so makes imposibility into possibility. Even the greatest power of "TRUE LOVE" Doest the emotions of "TRUE LOVE" transform a "SHAITAN" into a human being" It positively does. And believe us this has happened in "LALKUNWAR."
Release date1952
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi | Music: Burman

1. Tum Jo Mile Arzoo Ko | तुम जो मिले आरजू को     
Voice: Suraiya

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