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Lal E Yaman (लाल इ यमन) 1933

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BannerWadia Movietone
DirectorJ.B.H. Wadia
WriterJoseph David
Orginal musicJoseph David, Master Mohammed
CinematographyHomi Wadia, Vasant B. Jagtap
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersJoseph David, Firoz Dastur
CharacterActor / Actress
The KingJal Khambatta
Prince ParvizKarimja
Princess ParizadPadma
Feroze Dastur
SuffiMaster Mohammed
Sayani Atish
GeniiBimilla Khan
ApemanBoman Shroff
MayuriBaby Mayuri
Oriental fantasy derived from classic Parsee theatre. The heir to the Yemeni throne, Prince Parviz, is falsely imprisoned by his stepmother who claims power. Parviz receives a magic dagger from a mystic sufi fakir to liberate himself and his people. The dagger makes him invisible. He kills the Apeman and the genii, rescues the captive Princess Parizad and, finally, overwhelms the soldiers sent to recapture him. The king learns the truth and repents.
Release date1933
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Munshi Aashak| Voice: Firoz Dastur, Master Mohammed | Music: Joseph David, Master Mohammed

1. Ab Nahin Dhaarat Dheer | अब नहीं धारत धीर     

2. Dheer Dharna Jab Aafat Aaye | धीर धरना जब आफत आये     

3. Hai Gul Afshaan Watan | है गुल अफशां वतन     

4. Hairat Mein Mubtilaa Hoon Main | हैरत में मुब्तिला हूँ मैं     

5. Mashhoor The Jahaan Mein | मशहूर थे जहां में     

6. Subho Se Main Ne | सुबहो से मैं ने     

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