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Kismat (किस्मत) 1968

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BannerPride Of Asia Films
DirectorManmohan Desai
WriterManmohan Desai
ProducerKamal Mehra
Production executiveBrij Chopra
Music DirectorO.P.Nayyar
CinematographyKeki Mistry
Film EditingKamlakar Karkhanis
Art DirectorA.R. Kakkad, Baburao Potdar
Camera OperatorNarottam
Assistant CameramenSadashiv Garg
Playback SingersShamshad Begum, Asha Bhosle, Mahendra Kapoor
CharacterActor / Actress
Roma Babita Kapoor
Roma's DadHari Shivdasani
Police InspectorUlhas
Vicky's LandladyTun Tun
Indra Kumar
Drunk in BarJagdish Raj
JaiM.B. Shetty
Indar Raj
Sadat Khan
Stage Perfomer at MinilandPolson
Prem Kumar
Pal Sharma
Bhagwan Sinha
ChangYee Chang
JaanibhaiKamal Mehra
The nation is struck by a series of bomb blasts spread across the country. The Commissioner of Police (Murad) is baffled as to who is behind these attacks. The Commissioner receives an anonymous call where the caller tells that he knows who the masterminds behind the blasts are and their associates. He also tells that he would like to help the Police. The informant then tells that he has stored the names and images of mastermind and their associates in a microdot. The informant here is the Mr. Gonz, owner of a store, 'Twist Musical & Photo Shop'. The main mastermind or the villain is Scorpion. He gets to know that the informant is about to give their organization's information to the police. Scorpion then sends his men or goons to recover the microdot.

As soon as the goons enter the shop and start to threaten the informant to give the microdot, the hero Vicky (Biswajeet) enters the store to get his guitar. The informant slips the microdot into Vicky's guitar and Vicky leaves from there. The goons come to know of this and start to follow Vicky. Vicky is a singer and guitar player at a local nightclub. He along with Nancy (Helen) entertain the crowds. After the night show, Vicky and Nancy head to Vicky's room. Here they encounter Mr. Gonz who is badly injured. Meanwhile, the goons follow Vicky to his room and kill Mr. Gonz. They try to take the guitar (his father's gift) containing the microdot from him, but Vicky escapes with the guitar. He is on the run and tries to convince the police that Mr.Gonz has been killed, but is unable to do so. He again encounters the goons. This time he escapes from them and boards a train. Here he meets Roma (Babita) who has also run away (from her home) due to the strict rules enforced by her rich and wealthy father.

During the train journey, Vicky and Roma become friendly. The goons follow Vicky and tries to attack them in the train. Vicky and Roma manage to escape from the train. They are in the middle of nowhere and start heading towards the nearest town. On their way to the town, they encounter Jani Bhai, an inventor, who gives them a ride to the town, with his customized car. Jani and Vicky become best of friends and Jani gets Vicky a job as a guitarist / singer in the hotel by portraying him as a very famous singer. Incidentally, Roma is staying in the same hotel. Vicky and Roma fall in love. Scorpion comes to know that Vicky is staying in the hotel through his henchmen, Julie, present as an employee in the hotel. Meanwhile, Nancy comes to this hotel and creates a misunderstanding between Vicky and Roma. Roma dumps Vicky and Nancy takes Vicky to her room. Nancy plots to kill Vicky but in the process, gets herself killed accidentally. While dying, she tells Vicky that Scorpion had sent her and she was compelled to kill because her parents were taken hostage. The rest of the film deals with who Scorpion is and whether Vicky and Roma get together
Release date1968
Awards: Unknown.


Lyrics: Noor Dewasi | Music: O.P.Nayyar

1. Aao Huzoor Tum Ko | आओ हुज़ूर तुम को     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

2. Aao Huzoor (revival) | आओ हुज़ूर तुम को (रिविवल)     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

3. Kajra Mohabbat Wala | कजरा मोहब्बत वाला     
Voice: Shamshad Begum, Asha Bhosle

4. Kajra Mohabbat (revival) | कजरा मोहब्बत वाला (रिविवल)     
Voice: Shamshad Begum, Asha Bhosle

5. Lakhon Hain Yahan | लाखों हैं यहाँ     
Voice: Mahendra Kapoor

6. Ankhon Mein Qayamat | आँखों में क़यामत     
Voice: Mahendra Kapoor

7. One Two Three Baby | वन टू थ्री बेबी     
Voice: Mahendra Kapoor, Asha Bhosle

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