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Khandaan (खंडन) 1955

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BannerAnand Pictures
DirectorM.L. Anand
ProducerAkhtar Hussain
Orginal musicA. R. Qureshi
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Mohammed Rafi,Asha Bhosle,Lata Mangeshkar
Lalita Pawar
Manmohan Krishna
Amir Banu
Tun Tun
Lala Melaram came from well-to-do family and was a person of great integrity and charitable disposition. Young and old of the village loved him alike. He equipped his three sons Jagmohan, Manmohan and Chander Mohan with first class education, launching one with a doctor and other with a Lawyers career. But in fulfilling his duties toward his children, Lala Melaram had to mortgage not only his lands but also his Haveli, with which he had great sentimental attachments. . Fate took a turn and Lalaji became so tight financially that but for Rs. 10, 000/ he would have to wash his hands off his Haveli. On his wifes advice he wired his sons in Bombay and Poona. Doctor and Lawyer arrived with high expectations, that their father must be distributing property, but to their unpleasantness they found the situation in reverse. . Any how they refused to give any kind of help to their father. Youngest son Chander Mohan wanted to but being unemployed was helpless Ultimately Haveli had to given over Sahukar and it was decided that the doctor would look after the mother, and the Lawyer after the father. For the first time in forty years old couple were seperated from each other. Even then they had a ray of hope that their children would look after them. On the contrary they received a treatment which was even not befitting towards an enemy. . Chander Mohan who was under the impression that his parent were safe with his brothers, at last found a Seth who became interested in financing one of his schemes. His hopes soared high that he would get back the Haveli for his parents. His meetings with Seths daughter Asha, took a romantic turn. . No sooner he got the finance from the Seth, he went to see his aged parents but his hopes were shattered when he found father and mother both had left the respective houses of his brothers and could not be traced. In a big city like Bombay father and mother both had left the respective house of his brothers and could not be traced. In a big city like Bombay father and mother were lost in search of each other.
Release Date1/1/1955
Awards: Unknown.
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Lyrics: Sarshar Sailani,Tanveer Naqvi | Voice: Mohammed Rafi,Asha Bhosle,Lata Mangeshkar | Music:A. R. Qureshi

1. Aa Dance Karen Thoda | आ डांस करें थोडा     

2. Badi Der Bhai Nandlala | बड़ी देर भाई नंदलाला     

3. Tum Hi Meri Mandir | तुम ही मेरी मंदिर     

4. Main Sunata Hoon Tujhe | मैं सुनाता हूँ तुझे     

5. Neel Gagan Par Udte Baadal | नील गगन पर उड़ते बादल     

6. Kal Chaman Tha Aaj Ek Sehraa | कल चमन था आज एक सेहरा     

7. Meri Mitti Mein | मेरी मिटटी में     

8. O Ballo Soch Ke Mele | ओ बल्लो सोच के मेले     

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