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Jeans (జీన్స్)1998

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BannerSri Surya Movies
DirectorS. Shankar
ProducerAshok Amritraj, Sunanda Murali Manohar
Music DirectorA. R. Rahman
CinematographyAshok Kumar
Film EditingB. Lenin, V. T. Vijayan
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersUnnikrishnan, Sujatha, S.P.Pallavi, Nithyasri, Srinivas, Sonu Nigam, Harini, Sangeetha, Krishna Raj, A.R. Rahman
Vishwanathan and RamamoorthyPrashanth
Madhumitha and VaishnaviAishwarya Rai 
Nachiappan and Pechiappan RajamaniNassar
MadheshRaju Sundaram
Madhumitha's FatherS. V. Shekhar
Madhumitha's MotherJanaki Sabesh
Meiyaththa's motherS. N. Lakshmi
Nachiappan (Nassar) is a restaurateur in Los Angeles, USA. His twin sons Vishwanathan (Visu) and Ramamoorthy (Ramu) (both played by Prashanth), are medical students, who help him out in the evenings and alongside with the restaurant's chief cook, Juno (Senthil) enjoys on weekends.One evening, Vishwanathan goes to the airport to check on the family's supply concession and sees that some fellow Indians – Madhumitha (Aishwarya Rai), her brother Madhesh (Raju Sundaram) and their grandmother Krishnaveny (Lakshmi) – have difficulty with an address. He pitches in to help and learns that they just flew in from India so that Krishnaveny can undergo a crucial surgery to remove her brain tumour.

The story shifts to the hospital where Vishwanathan, an intern, visits Krishnaveny's room after the operation, and notices she has been operated on the wrong side of her brain. Vishwanathan appeals aggressively to the doctors and has the error corrected by another surgery and then spearheads an angry fight for compensation. The hospital compensates $2 million to avoid a messy court case. Viswanathan's drastic measures win the respect and love of Madhumitha and her family.

When the grandmother realises that Vishwanathan and Madhumitha had fallen in love, she extends the family's stay in the United States and takes a liking to Vishwanathan's good nature. However, Nachiappan objects to the budding romance and wants his sons to marry identical twins because he himself has an identical twin brother, Pechiappan (Nassar). They both had married for love in their youth, but are now estranged because Pechiappan's wife Sundaramba (Raadhika Sarathkumar) showed such tyrannical behaviour towards Nachiappan's wife Meiyaththa (Geetha), that the latter died delivering the twin boys.

Krishnaveny tries to solve the problem by telling Nachiappan that Madhumitha also has an identical twin, Vaishnavi. The story spun by Krishnaveny is that Vaishnavi has been brought up in an orthodox Brahmin household. At this point they ring in Madhumitha's alter ego, contrasting Madhumitha with a very demure, typically traditional Indian version. Ramamoorthy falls for the act and visits India along with his sons to meet Vaishnavi, unaware that Vaishnavi and Madhumitha are the same person. Meanwhile, Pechiappan arrives to a warm welcome by his brother, but later attempts suicide. Nachiappan then rescues him and comes to hear of his sad story and comes up with a plan. Accordingly, Nachiappan and Pechiappan switch places. Nachiappan goes to his brother's wife and impersonate as her husband to convince and reunite with her through his sons'(Visu and Ramu) marriage plan talks. He succeeds. Pechiappan impersonated as his brother towards his nephews. Vishwanathan then meanwhile, figures out that Vaishnavi is Madhumitha and she was impersonating Vaishnavi. In anger, he immediately leaves Madhumitha's household along with his family, but Ramamoorthy persuades his father to have Madhumitha and Vishwanathan married. Though not knowing, it was not his father he talked critically about his uncle who was right there impersonating. That made him guilty. He decided to have Vishwanathan married to Madhumitha. When Nachiappan figure out that Madhumitha doesn't have a twin, he goes and stops the wedding. There they figure out that the brothers impersonated each other as well to get along. Nachiappan's brother Pechiappan's wife(Sundaramba) persuades Nachiappan to have them married because Madhumitha did the same thing the brothers did. In the end, Visu and Madhu get married followed by a grand dinosaur reception specially given by Madhesh.
Release Date24-April-1998
Budget₹200 million
Revenue₹400 million

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