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Jagriti (जागृति) 1954

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DirectorSatyen Bose
WriterSatyen Bose, Manoranjan Ghose, Pandit Urmil
ProducerS Mukherjee
Orginal musicHemant Kumar
CinematographyN. V. Srinivas
Film EditingShanker Hurde, Vishwanath
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersPradeep, Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi
CharacterActor / Actress
ShekharAbhi Bhattacharya
AjayRajkumar Gupta
ShaktiRattan Kumar
Pranoti Ghosh
Mumtaz Begum
Chandan Kumar
The film is about a spoiled rich kid, Ajay (Rajkumar Gupta),who is a problem child and is sent away to a boarding school by his grandfather. The board school is run by Shekhar (Abhi Bhattacharya). Shekhar tries to instill good values in the students using unorthodox teaching methods. He gains the students' trust and educates them about the heritage of their country and encourages them to become model citizens.

At the boarding school, Ajay continues his ways and gets into trouble all the time, including with Shekhar. Meanwhile, Ajay meets and befriends a crippled boy named Shakti (Rattan Kumar) whose character is the opposite of Ajay. Shakti tries very hard to help Ajay change his ways, but Ajay's stubborn nature gets in the way.

Finally one day, Ajay attempts to leave the hostel and Shakti finds out. Shakti tries to go after him and stop him but his handicap slows him down and his earnestness to get Ajay back causes him to lose track of the heavy traffic on the road. That is when Shakti is run over in a horrific accident. This was the triggering moment in Ajay, realizing that it was because of his stubbornness, Shakti died. This moves him to change and become a better person. He goes on to excel in academics and sports.

Meanwhile, Shekhar's method of teaching wins approval by the education board in the end. He decides to leave the boarding school to spread his message elsewhere through his unorthodox but successful ways.
Release Date1-Jan-54
Filmfare Award for Best Movie, National Film Award - Certificate of Merit
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Lyrics: Kavi Pradeep | Music: Hemanta Kumar

1. Aao Bachhon Tumhen Dikhaaye | आओ बच्चों तुम्हें दिखाए     
Voice: Kavi Pradeep.

2. Chalo Chalen Ma | चलो चलेंन मा     
Voice: Asha Bhosle.

3. De Di Hamein Azaadi | दे दी हमें आज़ादी     
Voice: Asha Bhosle.

4. Hum Laaye Hain Toofan Se | हम लाए हैं तूफान से     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi.

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