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Inspector (इंस्पेक्टर) 1956

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BannerPushpa Pictures
DirectorShakti Samanta
ProducerA.A. Nadiadwala
Orginal musichemanth kumar
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singershemanth kumar
Ashok Kumar
Geeta Bali
Achala Sachdev
Pratima Devi
K. N.Singh
Destiny moulds its own way. When Thakur Mahendra Singh adopted a child his wife gave him the happy news that she is going to be a mother herself. The adopted sons father Badri, who was known as Thakurs faithfull servant, thought of murdering the newly born child. But his wife Ganga stopped him and ran away with the child. . Twenty five years passed away. But the sins of the father were not left unpunished. . It was on the steps of Bijlis Kotha, that a murder was commited. Rajkumar did not know how to dispose off the dead body. Badri, now a victoria driver, came to his rescue. He took away the dead body and placed it in a car parked at a lonely place. It was Varshas car. A happy go lucky girl, as she was, Varsha found the dead body. She was dumb founded and thought to inform the police. But a second thought came to her mind and she pulled the dead body up to the road and left it there. A constable, who saw all this informed the Police. Inspector Shyam came to investigate and was surprised to see his own beloved entangled in this case. But the duty of a Police Officer came forward Varsha was arrested and investigation went on . How Varsha was proved innocent ? How the criminals were punished ? How the Inspector solved the mystery ? This is what you will see in INSPECTOR.
Release Date1956
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: S. H. Bihari  | Music: hemanth kumar

1. Dil Chhed Koi Aisa | दिल छेड़ कोई ऐसा     
Voice: hemanth kumar

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