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Homam (హోమం) 2008

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BannerShreya Productions
DirectorJ. D. Chakravarthy
WriterJ. D. Chakravarthy
ProducerKiran Kumar Koneru
Music DirectorNithin
CinematographyBharani K Dharan
Film EditingBhanodaya
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersJ.D. Chakravarthy,Shivani, Nihal, Mamta Mohandas, Jagapati Babu, Madhusri, Mahathi, Vinod Rathod
MalliJagapathi Babu
ChanduJ. D. Chakravarthy
Dr. MahalakshmiMamta Mohandas
SatyaMadhurima Tuli
ViswanathPradeep Rawat
DaddyMahesh Manjrekar
item NumberSakshi Sivanand
JayaramAhuti Prasad
P.C.SarkarM. S. Narayana
Krishna Bhagawan
Malli (Jagapathi Babu) is a cop though he is an orphan, DIG Viswanath (Pradeep Rawat) brings him up like his own son and makes him an undercover police officer and hides his identity in a database. However, to nab an international mafia gang led by Daddy (Mahesh Manjrekar), Viswanath sends Malli in undercover to the mafia gang and the latter turns a trusted worker for Daddy. He almost believes Malli as his right hand. With the help of Malli, Viswanath and his team tries to corner Daddy and his gang, but could not arrest them due to lack of evidence. Malli falls in love with a Dr.Mahalakshmi (Mamta Mohandas). He takes him to his ailing mother who was in the hospital. At this juncture, Daddy reveals that his person was in the police department when he is cornered by Viswanath's team without evidence. Chandu (J. D. Chakravarthy), who is also a cop was raised by Daddy. Chandu is in love with his new neighbor Satya (Madhurima Tuli). Chandu is the one who was helping Daddy's gang. At the same time, Viswanath also tells Daddy that his man was also with Daddy's gang. So both the teams break their heads to find out the black sheep. But they could not do so. Malli once visits the hospital and doctors tell him that he should keep his mother happy always. Malli reveals his identity but is mother did not believe it. To prove his words correct, Malli tells Viswanath to visit his mother once. At the same time, Daddy's gang attacks the building and in the melee, Viswanath dies. After a few days, Chandu, in order to escape from the blackmailing tactics of Daddy, shoots him to death in an encounter. Chandu's still evil. Malli realizes that Chandu was working for Daddy. Malli proves that Chandu's evil. Malli also proves that he's an undercover police officer. One of the officers kills Chandu. Malli's mother gets released from the hospital. Prasad wants Malli to go undercover again. This time, Malli's going undercover in Pakistan.
Release Date29-August-2008

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