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Gopichand Jasoos (गोपीचंद जासूस) 1982

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ChaitraPiaa Bajpai
PriyankaArchana Kavi
KarthikMahat Raghavendra
SastriVenkat Siddareddy
Karthik's FatherSarath Babu
Character Actor/Actress
Chirakkal Kelu NayanarPrithviraj Sukumaran
Arakkal AyshaGenelia D'Souza
Chirakkal BalaNithya Menon
Chenichery kurupJagathi Sreekumar
BhoomiVidya Balan
Bhanu VikramanAnkur Khanna
Estavio da GamaAlexx O'Nell
Chirakkal KothuwalAarya
Chirakkal ThampuranAmole Gupte
From the agents of Nirvana group, Krishna Das (Prithviraj) learns that his ancestral property in Calicut, Kerala, leased out to an NGO by his grandfather, is rich in minerals and is free to be sold as the lease period has expired. The multinational mining company offers him a large sum of money as advance. The NGO currently runs a tribal school in the land, which is situated inside the Kannadi Forest Range. When he and his friend Thanseer (Prabhu Deva) reach the plot, they are kidnapped by the local tribal men to a cave deep in the forest. Krishna Das meets their chief Thankachan (Arya) in the cave. Thankachan explains to him that he is the descendant of certain Chirakkal Kelu Nayanar.
In early 16th century, the Portuguese sailors under Vasco da Gama (Robin Pratt) captured a pilgrim ship and took all the passengers as prisoners. The general of the Chirakkal Kingdom sent a Brahmin negotiator and his own son, Kelu, to the captured ship for negotiations on the pilgrims. But, da Gama rejected all peace talks and barbarously cuts off the Brahmin's ears and sews ears of his dog on the same spot. He then ordered the hundreds of passengers be locked in the hold and the ship to be set on fire. The general of Chirakkal, Chirakkal Kothuwal, storms ship to rescue his son Kelu. But, Chirakkal Kothuwal loses his life in this attempt, and only Kelu escapes. Vavvali, a Tamil Muslim boy, takes Kelu with him to his hut, and treats him as his younger brother. Kelu crafts an urumi, specially made with the leftover ornaments of the dead women and children of the pilgrim ship. He takes an oath that he will murder Vasco da Gama.
Then it shows a foreshadowing of Kelu and Vavvali as adults hunting rabbits in a forest somewhere in Chirakkal. After saving the princess of Chirakkal (Nithya Menon) from a group of kidnappers, Chirakkal Thampuran (Amole Gupte) grants them an audience. During the audience, Kelu manages to get the support of the king of Chirakkal to capture da Gama who is coming back to India as the Viceroy. They plan to capture Vasco da Gama during the hanging of Balia Hasan in Arackal Fort. However they instead capture Estêvão da Gama (Alexx O'Nell) and brings him as a prisoner to Chirakkal. In the process, Kelu comes across Princess Ayesha (Genelia D'Souza), a fiery warrior princess of Arackal Kovilakom.
Back in Chirakkal, the king bestow's Kelu with the honor of being the new general ("Kothuval"). Vavvali however is slightly unhappy as the king neglected to acknowledge his role in the capture of Estêvão.
Princess Ayesha is among captives from the raid in Arackal and she is presented to the spoiled prince Bhanu Vikraman (Ankur Khanna) as a concubine. However, she tries to kill the prince and Kelu Nayanar saves him. Later, Kelu helps Ayesha to escape from Chirakkal and she joins in his course. Kelu tells Vavvali that they must be planning to capture Vasco da Gama rather than spending days as the generals of Chirakkal. They set out to all the nearby villages, with Ayesha joining their effort, and succeed in amassing support from the villagers against the Portuguese. A large number of people join with Kelu, and they get ready to strike any time.
Meanwhile, with help of minister Chenichery Kurup (Jagathy Sreekumar), Bhanu Vikraman conspires against his uncle and join hands with Estêvão da Gama. He assassinates his uncle with a Portuguese pistol. Kelu Nayanar returns to Chirakkal to discuss with Bhanu Vikraman what actions to take against de Gama, but Bhanu hesitantly states that the army will not longer take orders from Kelu. Chirakkal Bala, asks Vavvali to take her with him, as she feels ashamed that her own cousin killed their father. Vavvali agrees and takes her away with the help of some of the palace guards.
Meanwhile, da Gama and Estêvão da Gama return to Chirakkal to meet with the new king. However, Bhanu Vikraman is killed during the audience. Soon thereafter, da Gama comes with his troops in search of Kelu and his warriors. A fierce battle rages on, with Kelu and Vavvali leading a bunch of warriors against the Portuguese. The Indians eventually lose the battle, with Kelu Nayanar and Vavvali killed in action. But, before being killed by Portuguese muskets, Kelu manages to terribly injure da Gama.
Hearing the story of his ancestors, Krishna Das decides not to sell his land to the multinational mining cooperation and plans to start a new life.
Release Date31-March-2011
Budget₹ 20 crore (US $ 3.3 million)

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